21 October 2011

Cinemagraphs - Moving Pictures

Around mid 2011 I found this website on tumblr which is called: From me to you and the website http://cinemagraphs.com. These two websites are from the same owner. From me to you is a photography blog and sometimes you will see a cinemagraph. These are animated GIF images where only a part is moving. I see more and more pictures on tumblr lately and I'm always surprised that something is moving in the picture while the rest isn't ^^. Here are a few, can you spot the moving parts?:

Source: from me to you tumblr


  1. ooh, very interesting! 
    thanks for sharing this. :)

  2. These are beautiful gifs!!!  
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. aah, ik had een paar wel is eerder gezien op tumblr, maar deze zijn ook erg cool! :o <3 ik vraag me af, hoe je het voor elkaar krijgt dat een mens helemaal niet beweegt o.o

  4. Omg these are damn interesting!!! I wonder how they accomplish this effect.... The things technology can do, eh? I sound old. haha

  5. ze zijn zo cool he :D ik wil er ook nog eens eentje maken maar helaas gaat dat vast niet lukken met mn compact camera xD

  6. That's sooo cool! OMG~ I love this idea!!

  7. I loveee cinemagraphs!
    I really want to make some but I'm not too sure how to yet xP

  8.  it seems so hard xD but would love to make one as well haha


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