11 October 2011

Review: JUJU Cosmetics - Aquamoist Face Washing Foam

JUJU Cosmetics is a famous Japanese brand with 4 product lines including Aquamoist. Their Aquamoist line is similar to the products of Hada Labo. At least, according to the products that they are selling... I don't know about the quality of the products. However, I have heard so many good things about both brands. Therefore I wanted to try a product of JUJU Cosmetics. I was searching for a good face wash, so I gave the JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist hyaluronic acid washing foam a try.

This washing foam is especially for people with dry/dehydrated skin. This washing foam is rich and creamy lather with moisturizing benefit of Hyaluronic Acid that leaves your skin dewy and silky without stripping skin's own moisture. The delicate lather gives you a smooth and fresh finish while surely washing off the impurities in pores and gently removes excess oil. Hyaluronic acid of JUJU AQUAMOIST guarantees superb moisturizing effect under any circumstance. It maintains the skin moisture and keeps the skin soft and elastic throughout the day.
Source: juju.co.jp.

Price and Where to buy?
I bought it at sasa.com for $6.30, but they also sell it at beautycarousel.com for $12.41 and at imomoko.com for $12.39. I highly recommend to buy it at sasa, although the shipping isn't fast (usually takes a month), the price is way lower there.

This product comes in a tube (120 g) and a pump (150 g). I have the tube version and it works great and easy. Just open the cap and squeeze the product out.

The scent makes me think of soap. My skin felt tight after washing the product off. 

How to use
Squeeze some onto palm, lather with water and massage it over your face, then rinse it off with water.

Texture and foaming effect
The texture of the washing foam is quite thick (not liquidy). You only need a little bit of product and a bit of water and it will foam. It doesn't foam a lot, this (see picture below) is probably the max.

- Price: the price is reasonable, you can get it for $6.30 for 120 g of product. Not much product is needed per usage.
- Clean feeling: after washing the product off it will give you a clean feeling. It mattifies my face, no oiliness was left behind. 
- Good packaging: tube and pump packaging are available.

- Scent: dislike the scent which makes me think of soap bars.
- Tight feeling: After washing the product off, my skin felt a bit tight :(.
- Not hydrating enough: my skin didn't feel hydrated after washing it off.
- Foam: it foams, but not a lot, I expected more.

My opinion
Will I repurchase this product? No...
If I had to rate this product between 1 to 5, I would give it a 2. I had high expectations for this product, but it's quite disappointing. I didn't expect such a scent and I expected that my skin would feel a lot more hydrated after usage. I totally dislike the tight feeling afterwards. Also this product won't clean your waterproof make up well. I'm going to try the Hadalabo face wash next time, hope that it won't be disappointing :).
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