12 October 2011

[FREE] Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Sample

As many of you already know, Garnier is selling a BB (Blemish Balm) cream! It's called the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. This is the first BB Cream available in drugstores within The Netherlands. It is available in two shades (one for light skin, one for medium skin). Keep on reading everybody! I will explain how you can get a FREE SAMPLE of this BB cream! 

What does it promise?
It promises to give you an even skin tone, a healthy glow, it hydrates 24 hours, your redness will be less visible (it blurs imperfections) and it will protect your skin from the UV light (SPF 15). It's a pity that the SPF is low compared to the Asian BB Creams, but I'm happy to hear that this BB cream won't whiten your face :). It all sounds so good but I'm curious how the color will be on my skin.

This is the Garnier BB Cream commercial which is shown in the UK:

This is sold for €13,99 per tube with 50 ml of product. BB Cream is actually your day cream and foundation in one so €14.- ain't that expensive ;).

Grab your FREE SAMPLE!
This sample can be redeemed by people who are living in The Netherlands.
Step 1: All you have to do is "LIKE" the facebook fanpage from GarnierNL - click here.
Step 2: Fill in your name and address on the same page, submit and you're done ^__^.
I don't really know which color you will receive.. maybe both or maybe just one? I have no idea since I haven't received mine yet ;).

Also people who are living in the UK and residents in Ireland can redeem a free sample:
Step 1: Go to garnier.co.uk.
Step 2: Click on free samples and submit your information.
On this website it is stated that they will only send you 3 satchels (1.5ml per satchel) in the shade: light. They won't send you the darker shade!
Have you tried this BB Cream already?


  1. Ha die Ymke Sturm as boegbeeld..
    BB cream is toch soort foundation?
    Thanks for the message :)

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  2.  yes, soort van dagcreme en foundation in 1 :) .

  3.  yes, dagcreme en foundation in 1 lar ..

  4. Wat een goeie tip :D Ik heb 'm aangevraagd, ben benieuwd... Zal vast weer te donker van kleur zijn xD

  5. Goede tip! Heb hem gelijk aangevraagd. :)

  6.  volgens mij is ie heel erg ORANJE xD! zo lijkt het op swatches.. mja ben zelf ook benieuwd ^^ we will see :D

  7. oe, ik heb hem aangevraagd (: volgens sommige reviews die ik tot nu toe heb gelezen, is hij geel xd.

  8. I didn't know that garnier made a BB-cream :O  

  9. ik heb hem ook gehaald en de lichte is alsnog te donker voor mij, jammer!

  10.  hmm.. klinkt niet goed xD ik ben ook vrij licht qua huidskleur

  11. Goeie tip!
    Maar ik twijfel wel een beetje.. volgens mij is hij toch te donker en ik ben nogal voorzichtig met dingen liken op facebook ;)

    Cotton Candy

  12.  ja, ik ben ook bang dat ie te donker is voor me en dat de kleur niet past >.<" mja daarom een sample aanvragen. ik begrijp wat je bedoelt over facebook ;) ken wel meer mensen die zo hierover denken.. tegenwoordig is niks privé meer en wordt alles doorgestuurd =/

  13. ja, ik ben zelf ook niet zo donker van huidskleur.. toen ik het op had leek echt alsof ik bruin was geworden! textuur is ook dikker dan de orginele BB cream. Het enige voordeel is dat hij wel super lekker ruik.

  14. I'm a bit annoyed they're only giving the light shade as I definitely can't use that. Oh well. Can't wait to read reviews to see how good this BB cream is :D

  15. Nja, structuur verschilt heel vaak per bb cream, per merk is dat wel anders :) ben benieuwd naar de geur dan. naar wat ruikt 't xD?

  16. I'm very curious as well ^^.. hmm you can probably try these bb creams as well at superdrug or boots :) ?

  17. Haha, I would use BB cream to make my skin lighter but I think that is too girly haha!

    Lol, it is annoying when it's early in the morning, I get so grumpy when classes are cancelled T_T. And thank you, my posts are always boring though :c


  18. lots and lots of guys are using bb cream and concealer now a days.. well, that's in asia lol xD.

    yeah, you could have stayed in bed haha =p and noooo your posts aren't boring!!! loving your posts with your drawings, they are funny ='D !!

  19. bangbangsheshootsOctober 24, 2011 5:21 AM

    Oh I persuaded my cousin to buy a bottle of this.. she hasn't updated me how she got on.. hopefully it works like magic ;)

  20. This bb cream from Garnier has been released a few months already.  It doesn't work like magic but it does have added benefits to the skin unlike the usual foundations. I found out everything about bb creams when I googled about kpop fashion. Now I can't do my make-up without using bb creams as my base!

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