24 October 2011

Review: Biore Resort Pore Pack Black Nose Strips

I've been using nose strips for a long long time. I even reviewed Bioré nose strips before when I just started with my beauty blog in 2010 lol, check out my old review. Today I'm going to review the Bioré Resort pore pack. These nose strips are black and are floral scented!

I'm sure that everybody knows what a nose strip does: it removes whiteheads and blackheads.

These nose strips are scented with hibiscus & plumeria. It’s a pack of 10 and it includes 5 strips with the scent Hibiscus and five with plumeria. I've only tried the nose strips with the scent plumeria. It doesn't really have a floral scent in my opinion, it actually has more of a peach scent to me xD. You will definitely smell the scent when you open the satchel and when you have it on your nose. However, I don't think this scent is pleasant, I like the scentless ones more, but that's just my opinion.

Do not use nose strips if ...
On the packaging it says that you need to avoid using this on a sunburned, swollen, pimply, rough, dry or eczema skin. Also avoid using around the eyes. Do not use if skin is sensitive to bandages. If skin irritation occurs, stop using.

How to use (use it once per week)
1. With dry hands, remove pore pack from sachet. With the plastic liner facing you, twist pore pack to separate slits. Peel pore pack off the plastic liner.
2. Wet your nose thoroughly with water.
3. Dry your hands well, then firmly apply the smooth side onto your nose.
4. Let it dry for about 10-15 min. until the pore pack feels firm. It may become difficult to remove if you leave it on longer than recommended.
5. Remove pore pack slowly starting at the edges, pulling towards the center. Do not pull off pore pack from one side in a single forceful action! If pore pack has been left on for too long, wet pore pack thoroughly with water, then slowly peel it off. If there is any residue, simply wash it off with water.

My opinion - does it really work?
Personally, I think that these nose strips are great for short-term. I always liked using them because you will see some instant effects: your white/blackheads on the strips (see my yucky picture below lol). It's yucky but satisfying because you can see that it works xD. However, the white- & blackheads will appear again after a few days, so it doesn't provide long term benefits. I don't think that I will repurchase these black strips again since I don't like the "floral" scent, but I will keep on using the white & scentless ones. Some say that it's effective and some don't.. do they work on your nose?
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