05 October 2011

I NEED YOUR VOTE - Confessions of a SASAhaulic

As you all know I ♥ SASA.com. It's my favorite website! Sasa.com recently made a contest for all sasahaulics: which is called the confessions of a sasahaulic video contest. Anybody may join, all you have to do is make a haul video about your sasa products, post it on Youtube, submit your entry, vote and share :D. The contest winner will get 1 year free shipping (not shopping lol) on every sasa.com purchase and get a $500 e-coupon. You will also get sponsored products from them for review purposes.

Normally I don't join contests, but because it's sasa I'm giving it a try. I'm only joining for fun and a voice in my head says that there is maybe a small small chance that I will win haha, but I will see how it goes and you never know right=p? However I do need your vote girls/boys, everybody can vote, it will only take a few seconds ^____^! All you have to do is:
Step 1: Go to http://video.sasa.com/main.php.
Step 2: Search for the contestant: Elisa Lee.
Step 3: Click on VOTE and fill in your email and the verification code. (They won't do anything with your email)
Step 4: If you have facebook, please click on LIKE! below my video on the same page.
This is a small print screen:

Hope you can vote for me ^^~! Thank you
It's possible to vote 5 times per day!


  1. voted and wish you best of luck! 

  2. Voted good luck! ^^

  3. voted! Good luck Elisa!!! ;-)

  4. lol, i'm too camera shy too.. and i actually don't think that my video is good enough for this contest haha you can't even see my face in the video that i took lol.. XD but i'm just going to give it a shot :) you never know right?? anyways, thank you so much for votingggg <3

  5. Good luck! I voted for you. :)

  6. Wow the grand prize is really generous. I voted for you Elisa :) I'm tempted to join myself, but I'm too camera shy to do a video hehe :P

  7. Voted and Liked! Good luck, hun! xx

  8. Voted and Liked! Good luck, hun! xx


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