31 October 2010

Dariya, Hair Magic Sheet

Its also called the Dariya fringe shaper. This is really one of the most useful hair tool I'm using and I really think that every girl should have this. This product was out in 2009, sorry that I'm blogging about it now XD its a bit late hahaha. Anyways.... While I was in Shanghai for my internship I remembered that my colleague wore this to work O_o" And everybody was asking her what kind of weird thing she had on her head lol. I saw her wearing that during a meeting we had and I was thinking "Who would wear this to work? hahahah it looked so silly "....
They come with the colors; blue, pink and gray. There are two sheets in one pack.

So what is it?
This product is a hair stabilizer. It has a rectangle shape and it is used to keep your hair back while washing your face, applying your make-up or whenever you need it. This hair tool is made of Velcro and it will stick onto your hair without messing it all up. This is a great pro of this product, cuz normally I'm using hair clips and those will leave traces on your hair and with this you won't have that.

How to use?
You need to slide this hair tool over your fringe and that's it :). You really need to slide it over your hair and not just stick on it. It really works great on my thin hair. My hair is very thin by the way. However, it also works fine for people with thick hair.

Video of the day

Stylesuzi has a new tutorial: 2ne1 Park bom look

28 October 2010

Vivi JP magazine, dec issue - mag scans

From now on, I will post some mag scans once in a while ^^. I really love Vivi and Popteen magazines. The fashion is so different from here, which makes me interested in it and i love the nail art, hair and make up tutorials which they are showing^^ Hope you girls like it as well :)

Ayumi Hamasaki is on the cover of the December 2010 issue. Koda Kumi is in this issue as well. It's the December issue which means a lot of warm and kawaii clothing ^_^ ! 

If you don't want to see the scans just stop right here and skip this post. However, if you do want to see some scans, move on ~ and You will also see the download link for this magazine :) click on the link below to read more.

Enjoy everybody ^_^~

22 October 2010

Crackle nail polish

Have you heard of this already? It's the latest nail polish trend: Crackle nail polishes. There aren't many nail polishes yet with the crack effect. I haven't tried it, but would love to if its available here. It is different than the normal polishes. I actually don't think its pretty, but it made me curious, because its something different than we are used to =p I found this video on youtube, just watch and you can really see it crack xD.

She's using BarryM Instant Nail Effect polish. 

How to create this effect?
Step 1: You need to put on a base coat (let this dry)
Step 2: Apply a light colored nail polish (let this dry)
Step 3: Apply the crackle nail polish and see the effect (let this dry)
Step 4: Apply a top coat (let this dry)

There are also crackle top coats available of the brand P2.
What do you girls think about this nail polish trend :) ?

[2] Soundtrack of Kdrama Playful Kiss 장난스런키스

Flashback: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/09/soundtrack-of-kdrama-playfull-kiss.html
OMG OMG! This drama has almost come to an end ='( *sobs* I'm waiting for the last two episodes (15+16) with english subs, so I still need to wait for a day when it's out xD It's such a lovely kdrama~ I'm addicted to it o_o"

Anyways, click on the flashback link for the previous post about Playful Kiss, I shared one soundtrack there of Soyu (SISTAR) - Should I confess (사랑한다 말할까).This time I'm sharing another two soundtracks of this kdrama. Hope you like it ^_^~

1. Kim Hyun Joong - One More Time
2. G.NA -
키스해줄래 / Kiss me
3. G.NA - 키스해줄래 / Kiss me (instrumental)

Would you like to have these tracks?
Click here and here

Listen to the soundtrack of G.NA - Kiss me

The production of Playful Kiss decided to have its 7 SPECIAL EPISODE IN THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It will include the aftermath story of Seung Jo and Ha Ni. I really hope that there will be English subs :) 

Their YOUTUBE Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss 
There are some behind the scenes videos there as well^_^ without subs though ='( anyways, ENJOY ^_^!!!

17 October 2010

Bruno Mars - Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars has become one of my favorite singers ^_^~ really adore his songs it's so relaxing! I hope you like this album as well =) The songs that I like are in bold (see tracklist).

Released: 5th of October 2010
Language: English
01. Grenade
02. Just The Way You Are
03. Our First Time
04. Runaway Baby
05. The Lazy Song
06. Marry You
07. Talking To The Moon
08. Liquor Store Blues (Feat. Damian Marley)
09. Count On Me
10. The Other Side (Feat. Cee Lo Green & B.o.B) 

Extra song: 11. Who is
Song 11 is not in the album, its an old song, but I really like it and I want to share this song as well :)
Click here if you want the album

Bruno Mars- who is (not really the mv, its fanmade)

Just the way you are <3

16 October 2010

It's all about fur this year

This is a fall/winter trend, not only in Tokyo but here in Holland and in Shanghai as well. Last year while I was in Shanghai they were selling a lot of furry items like bags and ear warmers. Well this year it's going to be the same, but with even more fur than before!! Like furry leg warmers, furry boots and so on.. I actually adore furry ear warmers, I bought tons of them while I was in Asia xD I got addicted to it somehow hahah. I do like some of the boots, like the one on the picture below. They are probably for guys, but I like it xD. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back to Asia and shop till i drop =( What do you think about this trend? Would you wear it? Or will you think about the poor animals while you're looking at these items?
All the fur looks cute on the girl, left. And I would never have the guts to have green hair xD, I really love the fashion in Japan ♥ it's so different compared to the European fashion!
All pictures in this post are from tokyofashion.com

15 October 2010

[CLOSED] Accessory Giveaway with Swarovski crystals

This giveaway is sponsored by the company Twins Jewels. It is a webshop opened by Jean Cherng who is living in Philadelphia. She sells beautiful accessories such as headbands, earrings, phone straps and hair clips. All these accessories are handmade by her, so every accessory is unique, that´s why its so special ^_^. The quality of the products are good and the delivery was fast as well. (Note: this isn´t an ad and I didn´t receive money to post this) Pictures of some products: 
Check out Twins Jewels shop and facebook page:
Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Twinsjewels
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Twins-jewels/152932588058417?created

Jean is willing to sponsor an accessory for my giveaway. The price that you can win is a pair of earrings with blue Swarovski crystals. 
Description Height: whole earring: 5.5 cm  | Height and width of the red rose: 1.3 cm by 1.3 cm.

1. You must be a follower of my blog through Google Friend Connect (GFC) publicly.
2. Please leave your GFC name and email address in your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner. (1+2= 1 entry)  

To get extra entries:
3. (+1) ”Like” Memorable days facebook page AND Twins Jewels´ facebook page. You must leave your fb username in your comment. You need to ”like” both to get one entry. 
4. (+1) Follow ElisaLee_ AND Jean Cherng through twitter. You must leave your twitter username in your comment. You need to follow both to get one entry.
5. (+2) Write about this giveaway on your own blog and post the picture of my accessory giveaway as well.
6. (+1) Tweet about my give away on twitter. You can use this sentence:
Join @ElisaLee_ #giveaway: Win a pair of earrings with blue SWAROVSKI crystals of TwinsJewels! Go to http://bit.ly/akema1 to enter!

In total you can get 6 entries ^_^! The more entries you have, the more chance :)

Use this format in your comment:
GFC Name:
Facebook username:
Twitter username + Tweet:
Link to blogpost:

The winner will be picked through random.org. If you have any questions feel free to email me at lil.shy.el@gmail.com or you can write your question in the shoutbox ♥.

12 October 2010

My Beauty Diary Masks 我的美麗日記面膜

Remember that my sis brought me some souvenirs from Hong Kong? Flashback: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-souvenirs.html Well, she bought me a few more My beauty diary masks (我的美麗日記面膜)~ They come in a box with 10 masks and it was around $10 or so at Watsons.  
Have you tried these masks yet? Share your experience/ review of these products in the comments section :)
4 different kinds of beauty sheet masks
Apple polyphenol mask, Cooling mask, Pearl Powder mask, Natto mask

I found this list on the internet, its quite handy. With this you know which mask you will need, too bad this isn't the whole collection. There are 16 different kinds of sheet masks of this brand, go check out there website: http://www.beautydiary.com.tw/en. According to their website, the black pearl mask seems to be the best, followed by the Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask and Pearl Powder mask. *sigh too bad that these masks aren't for sale in Holland, otherwise I would buy a bunch of them and try them all T_T darn. It's a bit more expensive if you buy it on sasa or ebay. I still haven't tried these masks yet, I can't wait to try it!!! The reviews will come later ^_^, since I'm still busy with school it will be next month, so stay tuned~ Click on the picture to enlarge.

Source: sunnanz.com.sg/mybeautydiary.php

08 October 2010

Welcome to this world my cute nephew ♥

Yayyy ^_^! My baby nephew is born!!! Isn't he adorable ^_^? It's so fun watching him =D When he cries, when he laughs,, its just AHWWW,,, so adorable~
Look at his face hahaha, drinking milk =p

06 October 2010

Creative black tips, Nail art tutorial

Another nail art tutorial ^_^ and this time its a very simple one~!

All you need is: a base coat, top coat, black nail polish and a glittery grey nail polish.
Here we go ~
Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply black nail polish on all your tips, try to put a straight line on the tips. Let this dry.
Step 3: Randomly add lines with your glittery nail polish.
Step 4: When its all dry, apply the top coat.

I´ve used a multi glitter tip painter of Essence (grey) and a black tip painter of Essence.

And voila you're done ^_^ easy right?

02 October 2010

I ♥ Souvenirs!

My sis came back from Hong Kong and bought some souvenirs for me ;3 Yayyyy! Who doesn't love souvenirs right? YEAH! What did she buy... what did she buy~~ !! I'll show you =D !
1. Two packages of Dariya Hair Magic Sheet (blue & pink)
2. Rainie yang album 3cd + dvd ♥ I'm a big big Rainie fan and I'm collecting all her albums ^_^
3. False eyelashes: Natural Dolly Eyes from Cyber Colors
4. Missha BB cream no. 23
5. Missha B.B. Boomer sample & a Missha foundation brush (this came along with the BB cream.
6. Fiberwig mascara - the famous mascara in Japan!
7. A small Cookie mirror XD
8. Beauty diary sheet mask (Natto mask)
9. Beauty diary sheet mask (Apple polyphenol)

I actually wanted to have Dolly Wink eyelashes, but they didn´t sell those at sasa in Hongkong, too bad, so my sis bought me eyelashes from cyber colors instead :) I have read so many great reviews about the fiberwig mascara and beauty sheet masks, so I really wanted to try those. That´s why I asked my sis to buy it for me gnagnagna.. awesome ^_^♥ hihi Omg, omg, I can't wait to try them all xD ahhhh!!!! ♥_♥ I will post some reviews soon, stay tuned ^_^ And many thanks to my sis who bought this for me :D
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