22 October 2010

[2] Soundtrack of Kdrama Playful Kiss 장난스런키스

Flashback: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/09/soundtrack-of-kdrama-playfull-kiss.html
OMG OMG! This drama has almost come to an end ='( *sobs* I'm waiting for the last two episodes (15+16) with english subs, so I still need to wait for a day when it's out xD It's such a lovely kdrama~ I'm addicted to it o_o"

Anyways, click on the flashback link for the previous post about Playful Kiss, I shared one soundtrack there of Soyu (SISTAR) - Should I confess (사랑한다 말할까).This time I'm sharing another two soundtracks of this kdrama. Hope you like it ^_^~

1. Kim Hyun Joong - One More Time
2. G.NA -
키스해줄래 / Kiss me
3. G.NA - 키스해줄래 / Kiss me (instrumental)

Would you like to have these tracks?
Click here and here

Listen to the soundtrack of G.NA - Kiss me

The production of Playful Kiss decided to have its 7 SPECIAL EPISODE IN THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It will include the aftermath story of Seung Jo and Ha Ni. I really hope that there will be English subs :) 

Their YOUTUBE Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ytkiss 
There are some behind the scenes videos there as well^_^ without subs though ='( anyways, ENJOY ^_^!!!


  1. YAAAAAY! Ik ben ook verslaafd, maar dat wist je al ^^

    De OST is leuk vind ik :)

    En ik kan niet wachten op de speciale eppie(s) :D Er is vast wel iemand die er Eng Subs voor gaat maken :)

  2. Omgosh I can't wait to watch this!
    I'm gonna wait until after my exams though !!

    G.NA <3
    This is such a good song... thanks for the intro!

  3. I wanna see this :(
    except I got exams >>"

  4. @Suzy, jaaaaa <3 vet stom dat morgen al de laatste episode is =( !! i want moreee !!!

    @annehhh, good luck on your examsss ^_^ and you really should see this kdrama haha =p

    @melody, ahwwww,, good luckkkk sweetie =D !!!

  5. eee thank you for the headsup on the special episodes. i'm going to go watchthem now ^^ so sorry that i haven't been commenting on your blog elissa! for some reason your posts haven't been showing up on my feeds :(

  6. @Amanda ahww =( that's so weird that it doesn't show up =/ But now that we are both on blog readers on facebook ^_^ we can see each others posts =D


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