22 October 2010

Crackle nail polish

Have you heard of this already? It's the latest nail polish trend: Crackle nail polishes. There aren't many nail polishes yet with the crack effect. I haven't tried it, but would love to if its available here. It is different than the normal polishes. I actually don't think its pretty, but it made me curious, because its something different than we are used to =p I found this video on youtube, just watch and you can really see it crack xD.

She's using BarryM Instant Nail Effect polish. 

How to create this effect?
Step 1: You need to put on a base coat (let this dry)
Step 2: Apply a light colored nail polish (let this dry)
Step 3: Apply the crackle nail polish and see the effect (let this dry)
Step 4: Apply a top coat (let this dry)

There are also crackle top coats available of the brand P2.
What do you girls think about this nail polish trend :) ?


  1. Ik heb die Barry M versie besteld. Ik ben benieuwd!

  2. hmm, vind die effect wel stoer haha, voor hoeveel heb je 'm gehaald? 5 euro?

  3. Oooh that's so neat! gonna watch this vid later :)

  4. Oh that's interesting! I've never seen that before O:

  5. Woaw that's really cool. I'm not big into the nail thing but I actually want to try this out - never seen it before :D! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for this!

  6. =O! i want to try! it looks cool!

    First time i heard about that =OOO

  7. I think it's cool but I wouldn't put it on my own nails =.= since I work at a perfumist, this wouldn't look very neat lol

  8. This looks awesome!
    I want to try it ...sometime soon :P

  9. @elisa: ja ongeveer 5 euro :P dus valt mee

  10. @Kechiko, Yesss you should watch it, it has a cool effect xD !

    @michelle, @insideout elle and @petitechouxx, yeah, i haven't seen it before either, but i don't think its new though, cuz there are some youtube videos of 2009 where they show a nail polish like this one xD

    @Mei, hmm can't buy it here in holland,,, you can order it on ebay ^^

    @xiao moon, ahww yeah, that's not really appropriate for a perfumist, but you can always wear it during weekends at your day off ^_^!

    @Leenda, and @Melody, yeessss buy buy buy =p I want it as well hahah!!

    @Jolanda,, hmmm valt meeee, maar verzendkosten is zeker wel wat duurder >.<"

  11. We zouden gewoon een hele batch va makeup moeten kopen in de toekomst met meerdere mensen. En dan verzendkosten splitten. Is bijna niks meer dan =D

  12. i think i need to get a bottle when im back home in UK for xmas :P

  13. Reply to Jolanda and Nic nic

    @jolanda, indeed xD hahah. ook bij sasa.com met z'n alle bestellen (A) houd van die verzorgingsdingen daar maar die verzendkosten zijn echt BOEM hoog !!

    @nic nic, hahah, buy buy buy ^^ I'm going to buy it in germany in december =D they don't sell it here =( boehoe !


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