05 December 2011

What to wear on Christmas eve?

It's December which means that Christmas is near. Have you made any plans yet? Are you going to celebrate it with your family and/or boyfriend this year? AND one of the most important things: have you decided what to wear yet O__O"? It's probably too early to decide what to wear for some of you. However, it's always good to be prepared instead of matching some clothes last minute right? And don't wear the same thing as last year >.<" that's so boring!

Anyways, I've picked out some items that you can wear during Christmas eve, just to give you an idea. All products can be purchased at TALLY WEiJL. It's always lovely to wear a nice dress on Christmas and of course something red ;).

1. Black bow dress - €25,95
2. Ruffle black heels - €35,95
3. Chic bangles - €5,95
4. Red dress - €25,95
5. Snake print clutch  - €15,95
6. Red peep toes heels - €29,95
7. Panda hat - €7,95
8. Zipper skirt  - €19,95
9. Double heart necklace - €5,95

Visit Tally Weijl to check out their Winter & Christmas Collection 2011. They have a lovely assortment with plenty of blouses, dresses, accessories and shoes. Also, "Like" their facebook page to be the first one to see the newest looks, giveaways and more! There is a Christmas tree giveaway going on on their fb page, so "like" it and play along to win awesome Tally Weijl products :D, it's internationally so everybody may join!

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  1. i like the dresses and skirts (: and cute hat !!^ ^

    CMPang x

  2. my boyfriend's family deep fries pieces of meat and stuff in a fondue pot of hot oil for christmas eve dinner... so i decided a long time ago that i'm not going to dress up much since i'll probably smell like a deep fryer by the end of the night. might get some stains too... knowing how clumsy i am... xD

    but that still leaves me wondering what i WILL wear! @_@

  3. I will be celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong la ^^ with family and zero boyfriend.
    Ik weet niet wat ik wil aantrekken.... ik weet niet of ik een outfit hier in NL of in HK ga kopen. Ik denk het laatste...
    Maar goed :D xx

  4. oh wow
    ur blog is sooooo cute :)
    just want to steal ur layout!
    awesome :)

  5.  yeah, i'm always scared that my clothes will smell because of the food by the end of the day T___T but still its fun to wear something nice for christmas eve :D.

  6.  yayyyy, super nice dat je naar HK gaat rond kerst :D zag al bij heel veel plekken kerstdecoratie enzo ^^ heel mooi !!! ik kon niet veel kleding vinden in HK helaas =( hopelijk heb je daar meer luck dan ik !! xx.

  7.  thank you ^^ haha, please don't steal =(

  8. Loooove everything you picked out! Especially 4 & 8, right up my alley! I bought a really pretty high waisted red skirt from F21, excited to get it shipped in, that's what I plan on wearing for Christmas!

  9. Love everything in that picture :) Especially that panda hat :D soo adorable
    I (and our cat) will be going home to my mum and dad on Christmas Eve (I live in Finland and we celebrate Christmas on December 24th with presents and everything)
    First we will eat and then gifts ;)
    My fiancé goes home to his parents and then in the evening he will come and pick me up and we go home to our place to give each other presents :) We do the same every year :)
    Take care sweetie

  10. Sounds good :D ! I'm also planning to wear a red skirt during Christmas.. i love high waisted skirts <3 !!!

  11. Sounds like a lovely Christmas to me ^^ !! It's great to keep this tradition and do this every year <3 it will never get boring ^^..


  12. love the silver clutch and the panda hat you picked out!!

  13. lol i love the random panda touque. but that zipper skirt is gorgeous!

  14. I love these picks! Great prices too! Wonderful inspiration for the holidays. :D

  15. all the items u posted are sooo pretty! but i bet i'll burst in that zipper skirt :X

  16. no way, i think that I will burst in that skirt.. but you!? You're so slim !! everything will with you lar ^^ !


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