08 December 2011

Review: Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask

Today I'm going to review a product ^^ which is called the Apple AC Therapy Sleeping mask from Baviphat. I had read plenty of good reviews about this product, so I wanted to give it a try. Baviphat is one of the popular Korean cosmetics brand which is launched in 2009. Their products are all sold for a reasonable price and the beautiful packaging of the product attracted me to buy it, the apple packaging is so darn cute =^o^=!

What does it do?
It's an overnight mask which is formulated with fruit acids which will gently peel off dead skin cells and banish a dull complexion. A known skin moisturizer, pectin provides superior hydration to give the skin a soft and silky feel. It's recommended for oily and blemish prone skin. I have a combination dry skin and I always hate it when my T-zone is oily in the morning, so I wanted to try this product. This product became popular because it also seems to help against acne.
A friend bought this for me in Hong Kong. The price was around 130 HKD back then and there is 100 g. in it. I don't know where my friend bought it but if you're interested, you can find this product on YESSTYLE and on Ebay.

I adore the packaging so much =D it's so cute! The packaging has an apple shape and it even has a small leaf at the top.
You just need to twist the cap and you will see a white cover and a plastic spoon/scoop inside. SUPER SMALL AND CUTE! As you can see on the picture, the white cover broke during shipping =(. Anyways, you can get the product out easily by using the scoop which is very useful and hygienic.

Structure, Scent & Color
The color of the product is yellow and it smells like red apples. I love the scent, it's not too overwhelming. It has a gel type consistence and is not oily at all. Once you apply it, it will feel a bit sticky and thick and at first I thought it would never soak in. However, it does after 10 minutes or so. This sleeping mask seems to form an invisible layer on your skin, you can rub it off once it has dried (in the morning)... However, I´m wondering if its the skin cells or the product itself that I'm rubbing off.

How to use?
Apply evenly on cleansed skin before going to bed and wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning. I often get the question if the product would stick onto your pillow and the answer is; Yes it does. That's why it's advisable to tab the product into your skin until its absorbed before going to bed. I also don't use this product every day, normally 3 times a week.

My opinion
I totally love the packaging and the scent of this product. This product is very hydrating and it will give you a fresh feeling when applying this mask.. I also LOVE it that it won't give you an oily face in the morning =D it makes my face soft and moist. It also dried out my pimples, no wonder this product is recommended for people with acne^^. I definitely recommend this to oily skintypes and people with acne problems. I'm still wondering if it really does remove dead skin cells. It's true that you can rub it off in the morning, but I'm not sure if its the product itself or my dead skin cells that I'm rubbing off ....?

The thing that I didn't like about the product is that my skin broke out a bit after using it. First, I thought it was just because of the food that I ate back then, but noooo.. I used this product a couple of times afterwards and noticed that I had pimples every time after I used this mask >.<". Such a pity though, I really love the product.

Notice: This product broke me out a bit, but it doesn't mean that it will brake out on your skin! Pls keep that in mind.
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