offers FREE Expedited Shipping for 13 days

Whoa, I'm blogging so often this week, I'm surprised at myself xD! I have my periods.. sometimes I really have a lot to tell and sometimes I'm just super lazy to post anything lol, but I'm in a hyper mood now and want to blog a lot hahaha.. Anyways, today I'm going to share a lovely deal from my favorite store, They are offering Worldwide FREE Expedited Shipping when you spend more than $49 on their website. Believe me, you're going to buy more than $49 eventually because their assortment is HUGE =^o^=! This offer is from 6 - 19 December (HKT GMT+8), go to their website for more information about this deal. I'm going to order soon ^O^ but don't know what I'm going to get yet hehehe!! I almost bought everything that I wanted in Hong Kong, but I noticed that some products were much cheaper on their website than in their retail store.. weird right o___O"?! Anyhow, what are YOU planning to get?

If you're going to register for the first time at, don't forget to put my email: at the "Referred By" section. Sometimes you will get a free gift with your purchase ;).

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