28 September 2011

Elegant Black Lace Nail art tutorial

Today I would like to share the Elegant Black Lace Nail art tutorial. I wanted to create a nail art with a mixture of normal and matte nail polishes. I've used a couple of nail polishes to create this nail art. In this blogpost I'm going to explain how I did it. This is the outcome:
Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply a nude nail polish and let it dry. I've used Catrice - #030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame.
Step 3: Use a black matte nail polish and create a rectangle shape. For a perfect straight line you can use tape. 
Step 4: I used lace nail art stickers from bornprettystore.com. I received this from Born Pretty Store for review purposes. Normally it cost $1.52.
Measure the length by putting it on your nail and check to see how much you will need. Cut it with a pair of scissors.
Step 5: Apply the stickers on your nails. Apply a top coat on the stickers and at the nude nail polish area. Let it all dry and you're done ^___^. The stickers will go off easily if you don't apply a top coat. (You need to rub it off with oil or cream in order to take the stickers off.)
What did I use for this tutorial?
- Base & Top coat from HEMA, Dutch store
- Catrice: #030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame.
- Dear'Lee black nail polish
- Matt top coat from HEMA, Dutch store
- Black Lace Nail art stickers from bornprettystore.com.


  1. Aww pretty! I love this :D Very very elegant indeed <3

  2. omg, wat leuk! Toevallig heb ik ook zulke stickers maar dan van Essence misschien binnenkort proberen :)

  3. i wanna get lace up nails too! xoxo

  4. So pretty!!!! Following you back dear! <3

  5. I love this! Looks so pretty and elegant!

  6. wow I LOVE this!!!! I was reading this post, my sis saw the images and she said she liked it ;-)

  7. So elegant! I love those lace stickers! What a brilliant idea. I think I might get some of those. I wonder if I can make something similar with some lacey tape I have...

  8. ah so pretty! perfect for this season :) Love the nude colour!

  9.  you should tryyy :D would love to it your creation ^^

  10. wow~~ sooo elegant ~  I love it!

  11. Wat mooi zeg, heerlijk elegant! Mooie tutorial Elisa!


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