30 September 2011

BK Nail Polish & Gold and Silver Steel Balls for nail art

I recently received some products from Bornprettystore.com for review purposes. This time I'm going to review a matte BK nail polish and some gold & silver nail art steel balls. I wanted to have the gold & silver steel balls for a very long time. I've seen so many lovely nail art creations with these steel balls before. I just had to have it. I was directly "SOLD" after I saw a crown creation on Youtube (see golden crown picture below). It's so pretty ^o^~!
Can be purchased at: Born Pretty Store
Price: $4.17 - USE MY CODE: MDJ61 to get 7% OFF!
Size: 1 mm

Patience is needed in order to work with these steel balls. They are extremely small >.<"! Besides, you have to apply more layers of your top coat to keep it onto their place.

The picture below is a print screen from Youtube. The nail art creation is from BeautifulYouTV. I'm really looking forward to try this on my nails. I'm wondering how long it will take to put that crown on my nail XD. These gold & silver nail art steel balls are definitely great for nail art, it will give your nails an extra touch to it. I'm going to create some nail art creations with these steel balls soon ^^. Please look forward to it!
I also received a matte BK Nail polish from Bornprettystore.com. The color is bordeaux red and it has a matte finish with a little bit of shimmer. I had read a lot about BK nail polishes on blogs before and they seem to be good. It doesn't chip easily, it dries very fast (which can be a con as well) and it's easy to apply and to remove. The store sells different colors too. Visit their website to check it out.
Can be purchased at: Born Pretty Store
Price: $4.36 - USE MY CODE: MDJ61 to get 7% OFF!
Color: Dark Red #17 - Matte
Size: 12ml 0.4FL.oz

If you apply one layer, you can see that it has a red wine color. If you apply two layers it's a lot darker and it becomes bordeaux red. I really like the matte finish.
All products are from Born Pretty Store. They sell many products which are related to nail art, but they also sell circle lenses, hair accessories and more... They have a huge assortment so make sure to check their products out! The shipping was very fast since they are sending it from China. It only took one week and it was very well packed as well. If you're planning to purchase something there, feel free to use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 7% OFF on your whole purchase.
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