06 October 2010

Creative black tips, Nail art tutorial

Another nail art tutorial ^_^ and this time its a very simple one~!

All you need is: a base coat, top coat, black nail polish and a glittery grey nail polish.
Here we go ~
Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply black nail polish on all your tips, try to put a straight line on the tips. Let this dry.
Step 3: Randomly add lines with your glittery nail polish.
Step 4: When its all dry, apply the top coat.

I´ve used a multi glitter tip painter of Essence (grey) and a black tip painter of Essence.

And voila you're done ^_^ easy right?


  1. Like it! Looks mysterious and elegant at the same time...

  2. Lovely, maybe i will put when it's a soiree or elegant party. =D thanks for the tutorial!

  3. wow those nails look amazing ><!!


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