02 October 2010

I ♥ Souvenirs!

My sis came back from Hong Kong and bought some souvenirs for me ;3 Yayyyy! Who doesn't love souvenirs right? YEAH! What did she buy... what did she buy~~ !! I'll show you =D !
1. Two packages of Dariya Hair Magic Sheet (blue & pink)
2. Rainie yang album 3cd + dvd ♥ I'm a big big Rainie fan and I'm collecting all her albums ^_^
3. False eyelashes: Natural Dolly Eyes from Cyber Colors
4. Missha BB cream no. 23
5. Missha B.B. Boomer sample & a Missha foundation brush (this came along with the BB cream.
6. Fiberwig mascara - the famous mascara in Japan!
7. A small Cookie mirror XD
8. Beauty diary sheet mask (Natto mask)
9. Beauty diary sheet mask (Apple polyphenol)

I actually wanted to have Dolly Wink eyelashes, but they didn´t sell those at sasa in Hongkong, too bad, so my sis bought me eyelashes from cyber colors instead :) I have read so many great reviews about the fiberwig mascara and beauty sheet masks, so I really wanted to try those. That´s why I asked my sis to buy it for me gnagnagna.. awesome ^_^♥ hihi Omg, omg, I can't wait to try them all xD ahhhh!!!! ♥_♥ I will post some reviews soon, stay tuned ^_^ And many thanks to my sis who bought this for me :D


  1. Rainie is so gorgeous. I absolutely love her as well! The cookie mirror is adorable!!

  2. i have a bunch of beauty diary sheet masks too! I can't bring myself to use them though. D:

  3. Cool stuff your sis got for you! I love rainie yang too. =]

  4. AWWW I'm a big big fan Rainie too lol haha xD

  5. Reply to Aubrey.
    Yayyy, all rainie lovers =D

    @Aubrey hahah, me too they are so cheap in asia but ppl sell it way too expensive through the internet =/

  6. Superleuke dingen, i love HongKong!

  7. omgg i lovee everything your sister got you. you lucky girl! i only have a boring brother sobs. hehe

  8. wahh so many great things! i'm jealous ><

  9. Omggggg *-*!
    These are so so so awesomeeeee :) I wish MY sister bought me stuff when she went overseas >>" (she didn't buy ANYTHING T-T) !

  10. cool souvenirs! you are lucky to have a sister! T-T i can't wait for the reviews!


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