31 October 2010

Dariya, Hair Magic Sheet

Its also called the Dariya fringe shaper. This is really one of the most useful hair tool I'm using and I really think that every girl should have this. This product was out in 2009, sorry that I'm blogging about it now XD its a bit late hahaha. Anyways.... While I was in Shanghai for my internship I remembered that my colleague wore this to work O_o" And everybody was asking her what kind of weird thing she had on her head lol. I saw her wearing that during a meeting we had and I was thinking "Who would wear this to work? hahahah it looked so silly "....
They come with the colors; blue, pink and gray. There are two sheets in one pack.

So what is it?
This product is a hair stabilizer. It has a rectangle shape and it is used to keep your hair back while washing your face, applying your make-up or whenever you need it. This hair tool is made of Velcro and it will stick onto your hair without messing it all up. This is a great pro of this product, cuz normally I'm using hair clips and those will leave traces on your hair and with this you won't have that.

How to use?
You need to slide this hair tool over your fringe and that's it :). You really need to slide it over your hair and not just stick on it. It really works great on my thin hair. My hair is very thin by the way. However, it also works fine for people with thick hair.
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