01 November 2010

Bio-oil review

Flashback; back in May 2010 - http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/05/bio-oil.html Click on the link to see what Bio-oil is.
Description | Bio-Oil® is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its advanced formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, also makes it highly effective for numerous other skin concerns, including aging skin and dehydrated skin.

My last post about bio-oil was on the 8th of May 2010, that's 5 months ago. I promised to post about bio-oil again after a few months. On the packaging it says that you will see results after 3 months. Well I started to use it in May and its November now...  This product promised to lighten up scars et cetera, but I'm so disappointed because I don't see any difference ='(

How to use?
Apply it twice a day. Put some bio oil on your scar and massage that spot with your fingertips till your face has absorbed the oil. You can also use it on your body. I'm using it once a day instead of twice. I usually apply the bio-oil on my face before I go to sleep. I don't like to apply this in the morning because its too oily and your face will look shiny.

Note. This is my personal experience with this product, it might work different on your skin.

♥ The oil is great to massage your face - its relaxing
♥ Easy to apply
♥ Hydrates my dry skin
♥ You can use one bottle for a year. I have used 30ml in 5 months

♥ Didn't lighten my scars at all !!!
♥ It doesn't stink, but it does have a scent of Chinese medicine or something (lol hard to describe)
♥ Too oily to apply it on your face in the morning
♥ A bit expensive, it was 12 euros for a bottle of 60 ml

I saw so many commercials about this product which made me curious to buy it. Too bad it didn't work for me, so I won't purchase this product again.



  1. reallyyy didn´t work on me :( boehoe!!!

  2. I tried this too b/c of all the rave reviews but it didn't work on me either :P Absolutely no affect at all....

  3. All those commercials on tv and awards that this product has won made me so curious xD so misleading!

  4. My mum uses that and it doesn't work for her too, the bottle is still full lol

  5. I tried it too, but it didn't work at all.

    It only made my face feel greasy ( T _ T )

  6. lol, everybody is negative about this product xD

  7. i heard about this

    gonna get it for my gf~

  8. i have one, but it doesn't work for me =(

  9. @Ken,, hope this product will work on your gf ^^


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