31 October 2010

Video of the day

Stylesuzi has a new tutorial: 2ne1 Park bom look


  1. haha i love the ryan higa one with jay and philip x] and beautyQQ's ugly bitch tutorial is hilarious! i hadn't seen the robot one but WOAH she looks so real it's amazing! hehe thanks for sharing <3

  2. Nice vids. =D

    1st one's weird. Maybe they'll use that kind of robot in films? =\

    The second video's real cute. ^-^
    Bromance. =D
    But the part when the guy touched his friend's hair, it looked sorta gay. Hahahaha! =D

    The last, funny. XD
    I'm surprised to see that after the make-up's done she looked like someone from here in the Philippines, her name's Elizabeth Ramsey and she's the mother of one of the famous singers here. =D

    Haha. ^-^

  3. Joe Cheng is een sexy mofo ;) Z'n haar zit ook veel beter nu haha.

  4. @Suzy, indeed =p ziet er nu veel beter uit dan toen bij ISWAK. Hij doet me denken aan een andere zanger: Edison Chen

  5. probably because of Jang Geun suk <3 who was in Your beautiful?


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