29 November 2010

Mnet Asian Music Awards

This will be a short post xD lol, I got so excited after I watched this hahaha and I wanted to share it with you guys ^.^. Have you seen it yet? The Mnet Asian Music Awards was today. I LOVED IT ^o^! All those performances were EXTREMELY AWESOME♥
Have you missed it? I'm sharing a few performances here which I really liked ^0^ I've watched it so many times right now lol and I still like it haha =D and btw. I LOVE to watch HD videos on youtube ♥ so all of these are HD =D Enjoy~

Which performance do you like the most?

2NE1 ♥
- Park Bom's hair is back to black xD, I loved the last part =D

Taeyang, G-Dragon and T.O.P (BIGBANG)♥ - Loved Taeyang's performance =D "Girlll, I need a girl~~" don't forget to watch part 2 ;)

2PM - even though I don't always listen to their songs, I loved their performance ^^

27 November 2010

Microdermabrasion: Goodbye scars, acne & spots

If you´re following me via twitter you already know that I did a microdermabrasion treatment last week at a beauty salon- Linda Young in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It´s the very first time I did this and I was extremely excited because I didn´t know what kind of effect it will have on my skin. So what exactly is microdermabrasion, what does it promise and what effect does it actually have on your face?

The picture is from shorelinemedicalspa.com
Diamond Microdermabrasion
is the latest technique in the removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface that promotes the new cell growth without the use of harmful chemicals. The Diamond Microdermabrasion buffs the surface of the skin by vacuuming the dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and restoring its lustre.  Furthermore, the removal of dead skin sends cellular messages to the lower layers to move upwards. This expedites the skin’s overall renewal process. It is non-surgical, safe, and effective for the following conditions: 
Open pores
Fine lines
Superficial wrinkles
Acne scars
Sun damaged skin
Age spots and stretch marks
Go to her website for more information: http://www.lindayoungaesthetics.com or you can watch this video which I found on youtube:

Dadadadum... Do you know how much it costs? The costs differs per beauty salon, but normally it costs around 100-150 euros per microdermabrasion treatment. At the Beauty Salon, Linda Young it costs 90 euros per treatment. However, there was a discount, so I only paid 50 euros or so and she gave me 3 sample products of the brand: P8N8.

My experience 
Everybody wants to have a smooth skin right? At least I do, so I wanted to try this treatment out to see what kind of effect it has. I have freckles on my face and I know that I have some blocked pores which are hard to remove. I don´t have acne or break outs, so my skin isn´t in a very bad condition. This treatment should lighten up my freckles, open my pores and remove my dead skin. The whole treatment took around 70 minutes, she cleaned my whole face and neck, scrubbed it et cetera, used the microdermabrasion machine to remove my dead skin and after that she had put a mask on my face. During the treatment she was using products from P8N8, its a famous and expensive brand in the US I guess, but I haven´t heard of it. The treatment didn´t hurt at all, it was very relaxing and you can feel that everything will be cleaned up, so I loved it The owner of the beauty salon was very kind, the service was good as well ^_^.

The result
My skin felt very moisturized, soft and I had a healthy glow for the whole day. It didn´t lighten up my freckles though, but it did open my blocked pores. I do believe that it will have more effect after more treatments. On the website it is said that a course of treatments, at least 5, is recommended to achieve maximum effects.

The result can be different per person. My best buddy had done this treatment as well. She went to a different beauty salon and it really worked for her. She had acne on her face and it was lessen after one treatment and after 3 treatments her acne was totally gone, so it really works after more treatments :)

Have you tried it before or would you try this out?

26 November 2010

Montagne Jeunesse Face Tonic: Dead Sea Mask Review

I bought a few mask from Montagne Jeunesse the other day: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/11/new-mask-from-montagne-jeunesse.html. Last week I tried the Fruit smoothie mask and this week I'm going to try the Face Tonic: Dead Sea mask from Montagne Jeunesse.

Dead Sea Anti-Stress Sheet Mask 
"Real Dead Sea nutrients and minerals submerge tired, stressed out skin in moisture leaving it smooth and re-hydrated, toned and visibly younger looking. It promotes a deep sensation of calm as mineral rich ingredients nourish body and soul." There is one sheet mask in it, so you can only use it once. Visit their website for more information: http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/ 
Price: The sheetmask is around €2,20, but I bought it for €1.-, since it was on sale at a Dutch drugstore. I think that €2.20 is quite expensive for only one sheet mask.

How to use?
Remove your makeup, wash your face and pat it dry. Open the package and unfold the sheet mask (see picture above). You have to detach the material from the mouth section (see picture on the left) and place it over your nose. Lean back, relax and put the sheet mask on your face, pat it down for maximum contact. Leave the mask for 5-10 minutes and enjoy the flotation sensation of dead sea minerals. After 5 till 10 minutes, remove and gently massage the excess tonic on your face. Splash your face with cool water and pat it dry.  

! Notice: this sheet mask can cause sensitivity. Every person has a different skin type, so its better to test this product first. I don't recommend this product to people with a sensitive skin. Apply a little face tonic to the inside of your upper arm first. Wait for 5 till 10 minutes- if a reaction occurs its better not to use this mask.

Scent and Material
The scent of the sheet mask doesn't stink, but it does reminds me of toilet spray or the smell of a cleaning agent o_O". The material of the sheet mask is like a cloth- it's strong, so it won't break that easily. And AGAIN the mask doesn't look similar to the one which is on the package. The sheet mask has purple flowers on it (see picture below) xD, so its not blue like on the package.

My opinion
Repurchase? No
My skin started to sparkle a little bit after I applied the mask. I was like.. wow, what kind of mask is this xD lol, it didn't feel relaxing/calming at all. So those were the dead sea minerals? After 5 minutes the sparkling feeling stopped. On the package says that its a 5 minute mask, so that was it...?

It felt refreshing after those 5 minutes though, so I decided to leave it on my face for 20 minutes. (I always prefer to put it longer^^) After I splashed some cool water on my face, my skin felt very soft, refreshing and moisturized; which means that the result of this mask is good ^_^. 

My rate for this mask is: ♥♥♥♥ 2.7/5

24 November 2010

Christmas is coming....

It looks like Christmas is almost coming ^_^! It's not even Christmas yet and there are many decorations, like Christmas lightnings and trees already at the city center in Amsterdam^^! It looked so pretty. People could also ice skate there. And it smelled delicious at the city center as well! They were selling oliebollen, waffles and gluhwine.
Oliebollen is a traditional Dutch food. Sometimes it is referenced in English as a Dutch donut.

According to wikipedia: "Oliebollen are a variety of dumpling made by using two spoons to scoop a certain amount of dough and dropping the dough into a deep fryer filled with hot oil. In this way, a sphere-shaped oliebol emerges. The dough is made from flour, eggs, yeast, some salt, milk, baking powder and usually sultanas, currants, raisins or sometimes people will put apple piece in it." 
Do you eat something special during Christmas at your country?

23 November 2010

The crowd went APE with Far East Movement

The Dutches jumped through the darn ceiling with Far East Movement!!

The boys from Far East Movement know how to parteeeey! They were on stage at Paradiso in Amsterdam yesterday and the show was sold out! DJ Virman started with some hot tracks to warm us all up! Kev Nish, J-Spliff and Prohgress were singing songs from their new album: "Free Wired". The crowd went APE, especially when they sang Like a G6, Girls on the dancefloor and Rocketeer (ft. Ryan Tedder). Their positive energy just blew the whole crowd away! It really was an awesome concert, thanks for coming guys ;)

We were lucky cuz we almost stood at the front row, so we also had the chance to shake their hands =)

I took a few videos and combined it all together for you guys. I filmed it with my Canon camera and it took me ages to put it on Windows Movie Maker. Besides, I had to change the video into a lower quality (which sucks), but anyways I've uploaded it on youtube, you can still FEEL THE ENERGY AND GO APE!!! 

They will be in Paris today, so if you're there, make sure to go there tonight at Palais Maillot. Far East Movement will be in Jalouse, London on Wednesday and at Dusseldorf on Friday.
I was so happy to see you girls again , I really had an awesome day ^-^! Hadn't seen them for almost a year =D! The concert was really one of the DOPEST day I've ever had 8)- such a memorable day it was~

Ps. The reason why I don't really have a big smile on the picture is that I have braces xD lol, I'm a bit shy to show it and I don't want to hurt your eyes with it hahah

21 November 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

Yayy ^_^ I've received an award tag from Jennifer, Maki and Lene ='D Thank you! I haven't done a tag for a while~
This is a simple tag, all you have to do is pass this award to 15 other lovely bloggers ^_^! Super easy isn't it?! And of course I'm going to tag Lene and Jennifer back ;) cuz I love their blog as well~!

These are the 15 lovely bloggers I'm tagging ^-^:
15 lovely bloggers ^_^! Gomenasai that I don't comment all the time, but I do read all your posts :) Btw. I'm going to the Far East Movement concert tomorrow, so I hope that I can take a lot of photos and post it here for you guys ^-^!

17 November 2010

Necklace giveaway - 200 followers! [CLOSED]

Hurrayyy ^o^ 200+ followers !!! Thank you everybody for following me ='D To celebrate it, I'm having another giveaway. Continue with reading to see what kind of prices you can win ^____^! UPDATE: This giveaway is closed!
This giveaway is sponsored by Goudpensioen.nl. It's a Dutch shop which sells gold-, silver- and platinum bars and coins in The Netherlands. You can order online, but you can also visit their shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It ships worldwide as well, so if you are interested~ visit their website at: http://www.goudpensioen.nl/.

The owner of Goudpensioen.nl has sponsored me two beautiful Silver necklaces for this giveaway, both worth more than €20.-. There are two prices, which means that there will be two winners =D.

Necklace #1: A Silver Necklace- heart shape with zirconia crystals in it. The heart symbol is 1,8 cm. Princess length necklace; 20,5 cm. This necklace is worth €30.-. 

Necklace #2: A Silver Necklace - Triangle shape with a zirconia crystal in the middle. The triangle symbol is 2,5 cm. Princess length necklace; around 19,5 cm. This necklace is worth €21,50.

How to win?
Blogs which are especially made for giveaways are NOT allowed to enter- I will check.
1. You must be a follower of my blog through Google Friend Connect (GFC) publicly.
2. Please leave your GFC name and email address in your comment so I can contact you if you are the winner. (1+2= 1 entry)

For additional entries:
3. (+1) ”Like” Memorable days facebook page. You must leave your fb username in your comment.
4. (+1) Follow ElisaLee_ through twitter. You must leave your twitter username in your comment.
5. (+2) Write about this giveaway on your own blog and post the picture of my accessory giveaway as well.
6. (+1) Tweet about my give away on twitter. You can use this sentence:
RT! I just entered @ElisaLee_ giveaway to win Silver necklaces with crystals^__^! Go to http://alturl.com/3hpqu for more information <33 

In total you can get 6 entries ^_^! The more entries you have, the more chance :)
Use this format in your comment:
GFC Name:
Facebook username:
Twitter username + Tweet:
Link to blogpost:

This giveaway is closed! The two winners will be picked through random.org.

16 November 2010

Glittery French Manicure tutorial

Yay~ another nail art tutorial! I haven't done a nail art tutorial for a while ^__^! Hihi, I hope you like this one ='D. I call it the Glittery French Manicure tutorial- its simple, just follow the steps :)

Step 1: Apply a base coat and wait for it till it dries.
Step 2: Apply a white nail polish on your tips of your nails, just like french manicure. Try to do this as straight as possible, you can also use tape. Let this dry.

Step 3: Apply a gray line under the white line. I did this with a glittery tip painter. Let this dry.

Step 4: Apply another glittery nail polish on your tips. Look at the red lines, you only need to do the tips and not your whole nail. Wait till it is dry.

Step 5: Apply a top coat and you're done :)

I have used the following nail polishes...
- Step 1: Base coat from HEMA, a Dutch store.
- Step 2: Dear'Lee white nail polish
- Step 3: Multiglitter tip painter from Essence. (gray)
- Step 4: Multi dimension 3 in 1 nail polish with XXXL shine from Essence.
- Step 5: Top coat- Essie 3 in one glaze (I got this one from Suzy ^-^!)

Hope you liked this tutorial =D Click on the labels at the sidebar to see more tutorials :)

15 November 2010

Montagne Jeunesse: Fruit smoothie mask review

I bought a few mask from Montagne Jeunesse the other day: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/11/new-mask-from-montagne-jeunesse.html I was curious about their newest mask so I tried that one first.

Fruit Smoothie - with Crushed Raspberry and Mango. It's for normal, dry and T-zone skin.
Information on the packaging: "Fresh, Clean and Smooth Skin~Bursting with healthy goodness, our  thick smoothie treat of Raspberry, Mango, Apricot, Peach &  Pomegranate isn't a drink but it is bound to leave you in a smiley mood -  with fresher, cleansed and softer skin!" There is 20gram in it, enough to use it once. Visit their website for more information: http://www.montagnejeunesse.com/

Price: The mask is around €1,80. I bought it for €1.-, since it was on sale at a Dutch drugstore.

How to use?

Wash your face first, pat it dry and follow the instructions which is written on the back of the packaging: "Apply the mask evenly with your fingertips on your face and neck, avoid your eyes and lips. Lie back and relax for 10-15 minutes or until it's dry and rinse it off with warm water. Pat it dry and you're done. Use it weekly." You can also use a brush if you want to.

Scent and texture
It has a nice and sweet scent of raspberry, mango and other kinds of fruit, but the scent of raspberry is stronger than the other fruits. I don't recommend this mask if you don't like the smell of raspberry. The texture is creamy/ smooth, so its very easy to apply.

I'm not sure if you can see the color of the mask clearly on the picture. The mask is a little bit light pink, so its not similar to the color which is on the package. The mask on the model has a light yellow tone. There's a lot inside it so you can apply a thick layer if you want to.

It took me around 25 minutes till it was all dry. I applied everything which was in the package, so I had a thick layer on my face. That's why it took longer than 15 minutes. I took a picture after 2, 12 and 25 minutes. You can see that its drying, the mask will turn white and it gets hard. 

My opinion
Repurchase? Yes, I would repurchase this product again and especially if it's on sale ^__^

The mask is easy to apply, I liked the scent of the mask, it smells a bit like candy, I almost wanted to eat it up hahah ^o^ My skin did feel soft and fresh after I washed the mask off, so it does do what it promises. It promises to clean the face deeply and the pores on your face as well. However, it didn't clean all of my pores, especially not on my nose, but it did clean my pores around my mouth and cheeks. I think it's a pity that the color of the mask isn't the same as on the package. I like the pink color though, but I do think they need to change it. 


My rate: I give it a ♥♥♥♥ 4/5

Meet my baby nephew...

Flashback: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/10/welcome-to-this-world-my-cute-nephew.html
Meet my baby nephew: Jayden. My whole family is so obsessed with him, cuz he's so darn cute ♥! It doesn't matter what he does, even when he farts, we will laugh about it xD lol I added a few stuff on the pictures just because I was bored hahahaha ~

I really love this picture, he is super CUTE \^o^/! Too bad the quality of the picture isn't that great because of the lighting =( I found the milk and duck picture on google search

My sister bought a baby suit with ears on it xD and he seems to like the *quack* *quack* sound of ducks. Hmmm..I'm wondering what kind of dream he had~

12 November 2010

Jewerich eyelashes collection

It looks like the Tsubasa Masuwaka Dolly Wink Collection isn't it XD? But look closely, it isn't. It's a different brand which competes with the Dolly Wink lashes, it's called Jewerich. Jewerich is a Japanese brand which sells eyelashes, they come in three styles. No. #04, #05, #06 will be out soon, I don't know the exact date though. They also sell circle lenses, that line is called Jewelove.
Left: No. 01, Upper lashes | Right: No. 02, Upper lashes

Left: No. 03, lower lashes | Right: Eyelash Glue

Source: jewerich.jp
Go to their original website to see larger pictures: http://www.jewerich.jp/
I would love to try #03 lower lashes, they look cute ^_^ The price is almost the same as Dolly Wink eyelashes, its around $16. I only found one buyer on Ebay which sells Jewerich eyelashes =/ Its quite new, so there aren't many sellers yet I think~ Have you tried these lashes already? Share your experience in the comment box ^_^!

11 November 2010

A new mask from Montagne Jeunesse

I bought 6 masks from Montagne Jeunesse, I actually haven't tried these before.They were on sale at a Dutch drugstore (1 euro each), so I wanted to try it out :) 
There is a new mask from Montagne Jeunesse: Fruit Smoothie - with Crushed Raspberry and Mango. Hmm.. sounds nice right? It's for normal, dry and T-zone skin. It claims that it will clean your face deeply, it's fresh and it will give you a softer skin after using it. There is 20gram in it, enough to use it once. Oehhh~ I can't wait to try it out ^.^!

10 November 2010

Surprise package from Suzy ^__^♥

I just came back from school and I looked in the mailbox and found two parcels. I thought both were for my sister, since I didn't ordered anything. But I looked closer and saw that one was for me o_O"!... I looked at the back and it was a package from Suzy ^o^! *screams* (Suzy is a Dutch beauty blogger ^o^ that I'm following, do check her blog out; http://www.simplysuzy.nl )

I was so excited to open it, I always shake it a little bit to hear whats inside ~_~ that's so stupid actually lol. It had a weird sound though hahaha. The first thing that I saw after I opened it were the dummy candy's!! lol lol =p haven't eaten that for a while ♥ I thought they didn't sell it anymore in Holland? The strawberry flavor really is my favorite one~

I also found a sweet card that she wrote to me ^_^! And after that I took out the surprise goodies she sent me.... ♥ A beauty diary mask and a C+M blemish off sheet mask, a few samples from Dermalogica and Laneige, a Bioré pore strip and a Essie polish (3-way glaze). AAAAAHH, that's super sweet of her !! I've always wanted to try a polish of Essie~!! I can't wait to try everything out ='D

Thank you so much Suzy ^__^! You made me so happy today xD! I will send you something back very soon, I need to collect the goodies first hihi♥

09 November 2010

Easy Hair Bun Tool

I can remember that I've seen this tool before when I was little xD! And now its popular again~ I really was wondering how people in Shanghai got their hair into a pretty bun.... And now I know ~_~ They just used this hair bun tool lol =p Why didn't I noticed it before? It's because I couldn't even see it while they were wearing it o_O"! Are you using this tool as well ?

Does this tool work?

(See picture above) It took me 5 minutes+ to get a "great" hair bun. My hair is extremely thin and I've got MANY layers which makes this tool hard to use for me. Therefore it will take more time to make a pretty bun if your hair is thin and with full of layers....:
  1. because of the many layers, a lot of hair will stick out of your bun. You can try to use bobby pins and spray~ that will do, but I don't like to have tons of bobby pins in my hair xD
  2. because of the thin hair, you will see that you're wearing the hair bun tool. You can see it through the hair bun.
However, I think it will be a perfect tool for people with thick hair and with none or just a few layers. Add a small hair accessory and you're done ^_^~

It looks like......

I purchased this product on Ebay, but you van probably buy this tool at a drugstore nearby your house. It costs 2-3 euros. It's actually a wire, so its easy to bend. The tool is around 18 centimeters.  
How to get an easy hair bun? Scroll to 1 minute 20 seconds.
This is BeautyQQ. She's talking Chinese (Cantonese) in this video, but there is English translation \^o^/ . I watched this video while applying the hair bun too, its an easy tutorial, I hope this tool will work with your hair!

08 November 2010

Accessory Giveaway Winner!

First of all... I would like to say sorry for the lack of posts recently =( and I think that the quality of my posts are getting down a bit x( I'm a bit demotivated lately and I'm quite stressed with school and stuff and its making me lazy as well =/ *sigh.. Anyways, ok ok, enough nagging =p haha, I will try to post more often with better quality than before =) And feel free to write some comments on how to improve my blog more ^_^! What would you like to see more in my blog?

Accessory Giveaway Winner
Flashback: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/09/accessory-giveaway-sponsored-by-twins.html
And now... what you have been waiting for .... *drumrolls* the winner of the Accessory Giveaway is .......

Candice ^_______^!
Congratulations!! I will e-mail you in a couple of days ~


28 people participated in this giveaway ^o^
Thank you for participating everybody! And many thanks to Twins Jewels for sponsoring this giveaway =)

Keep following me, because I will have another give away very soon~! I will announce the exact date on my twitter ^_^!

04 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M - 2010 Fall/Winter Collection + Prizes

The whole collection of Lanvin was revealed on the 2nd of November 2010. In this post I will show you the Women collection and a small part of the Men Collection. It's not really my taste of fashion, but I do see some shirts that I would love to buy :) These are the lovely Lanvin bags (Looks pretty isn't it ^__^?):
Its a lookbook video of the Lanvin collection. Lol, I actually think that some parts are kind of creapy xD But I do love the way they did this video.

This is the women collection including prizes in euros (click on the pictures to enlarge):
A part of the men collection:

Source: Fashionscene.nl & Nitrolicious.com/blog
If you want to see larger pictures of the whole collection (including the male collection) go to this website > http://www.nitrolicious.com/blog/2010/11/02/lanvin-for-hm-womens-collection/

02 November 2010

2ne1- It Hurts MV

2NE1 Newest MV is out, It Hurts. The make up is awesome as always and their hair are crazy xD I like this song ^_^, its a relaxing slowjam. And this MV gives a bit halloween-ish feeling~ What do you think of their newest MV?
Download the MV: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AV126UW0

Screenshots (Click on the picture to enlarge)

01 November 2010

Bio-oil review

Flashback; back in May 2010 - http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/05/bio-oil.html Click on the link to see what Bio-oil is.
Description | Bio-Oil® is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its advanced formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, also makes it highly effective for numerous other skin concerns, including aging skin and dehydrated skin.

My last post about bio-oil was on the 8th of May 2010, that's 5 months ago. I promised to post about bio-oil again after a few months. On the packaging it says that you will see results after 3 months. Well I started to use it in May and its November now...  This product promised to lighten up scars et cetera, but I'm so disappointed because I don't see any difference ='(

How to use?
Apply it twice a day. Put some bio oil on your scar and massage that spot with your fingertips till your face has absorbed the oil. You can also use it on your body. I'm using it once a day instead of twice. I usually apply the bio-oil on my face before I go to sleep. I don't like to apply this in the morning because its too oily and your face will look shiny.

Note. This is my personal experience with this product, it might work different on your skin.

♥ The oil is great to massage your face - its relaxing
♥ Easy to apply
♥ Hydrates my dry skin
♥ You can use one bottle for a year. I have used 30ml in 5 months

♥ Didn't lighten my scars at all !!!
♥ It doesn't stink, but it does have a scent of Chinese medicine or something (lol hard to describe)
♥ Too oily to apply it on your face in the morning
♥ A bit expensive, it was 12 euros for a bottle of 60 ml

I saw so many commercials about this product which made me curious to buy it. Too bad it didn't work for me, so I won't purchase this product again.

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