11 May 2011

[CLOSED] 400+ followers giveaway - Win 3 masks of your choice!

Memorable Days has reached 400+ followers recently ^___^~! YAYYYY~! Thank you all for following my blog and all your support for the past year. This blog has become one of my largest hobbies and it means a lot to me. Besides, I'm very happy that I got to know many sweet bloggers ^^. Although a lot of you are living on the other side of the world, I do feel that we all have a lot in common :). Not all of you are commenting on my blogposts but I wish y'll did because I will at least know your opinion about the subject and I will be able to interact with y'll :). Anyways, to thank you all I am going to have another giveaway. This giveaway won't be huge since I'm planning to have a large giveaway when I reach 500+ followers ^o^~!

What can you win?
Y'll know that I'm in love with masks right \^o^/? One of those brands that I'm loving is the Dutch brand, Dr. van der Hoog. I wrote a few reviews about some of these masks before. You can check them out if you're interested: blogposts. These masks are only sold in The Netherlands, but this give away will be worldwide so that people in different countries will be able to try it as well. Therefore, this giveaway is open internationally.

I'm giving away 6 cream masks in total and I will pick 2 lucky winners. That means that each winner will win 3 cream masks. (One mask is worth €2,10). The good part is that YOU may choose 3 cream masks that you would like to win. Make sure that you know which skin type you have, because every mask is for a different type of skin :).

You may choose 3 of the following masks:
1. Coconut mint mask - all skin types
2. Chocolate mask - all skin types
3. Fruit acid mask - normal to combination skin
4. Peach mask - dehydrated skin
5. Honey mask - normal to oily skin
6. Avocado mask - dry skin
What do you have to do to win? These 4 steps are mandatory:
  • Step 1: Follow Memorable Days through bloglovin'.
  • Step 2: "Like" this blogpost on bloglovin'.
  • Step 3: Comment on this blogpost with your name and email ;)
  • Step 4: Let me know which 3 masks you would like to win.
    > For 1 extra entry: "Like" Memorable Days on facebook. Add your fb name in the comment section.
And you're done ^____^! If you don't know what bloglovin' is you can read that on a previous blogpost of mine HERE. Only people with a bloglovin' account may participate in this giveaway. If you don't have an account there you can easily make one here: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/signup.

This giveaway is closed.
The two winners will be chosen through random.org. Good luck!


  1. Vooruit ik doe mee!
    Ik heb je Bloglovind + liked :)
    Email: Ice.pand@gmail.com
    Masks I desire: Chocomint, Honeymask en Fruit Acid!


  2. Nice giveaway: i love these masks! I already followed you on bloglovin' and i liked you post ;) I also have liked it on facebook with my fb name Man Teng. I have send you a message with my email on twitter, because I dont like it when my email is published, hope you dont mind ;)

    If I win i would like to have: avacoda, peach and chocolate.

    Good luck everyone!

  3. ppfff ik wil geen bloglovin aanmaken =_="

  4. Leuke actie!
    Ik kan een goed masker weer goed gebruiken momenteel (stomme huid en stomme puistjes! :D) dus ik doe graag mee! :)
    Ik volg je via Bloglovin en heb dit bericht geliked en ook op FB heb ik geliked met als naam Nathalie Madsen.
    Mijn 3 favo's zijn de Fruit, de Chocolat (wie houd daar nu niet van! ;)) en de Honey masks! :)

    Ik duim alvast! :)


  5. Ik doe mee!
    Die coco/mint, chocola en perzikmaskers lijken mij wel heul errug chill :D
    Mijn facebook naam is Charlotte Bax ^^

  6. Ik volg je op bloglovin', heb je artikel en facebook geliked (mijn naam is Marieke Steeman) en ik zou graag het kokosnoot-mint, fruitzuur en honing masker winnen. Gefeliciteerd! ^^

  7. Heel leuk idee om te laten kiezen! ik heb een combinatie huid! sommige stukjes zijn wat vettiger.
    ik kies:
    fruit acid mask, peach mask, honey mask.
    ik volg je op bloglovin en heb dit geliked!

  8. done!

    I would like to win:
    Chocolate mask - all skin types
    Fruit acid mask - normal to combination skin
    Honey mask - normal to oily skin
    Avocado mask - dry skin


  9. Girls, don't forget to mention your email ;) otherwise I won't be able to contact you.

  10. Honey mask - normal to oily skin
    Chocolate mask - all skin types
    Honey mask - normal to oily skin


  11. 2. Chocolate mask - all skin types
    3. Fruit acid mask - normal to combination skin
    5. Honey mask - normal to oily skin


  12. Ik volg je op bloglovin', heb je blogpost geliked en geliked op fb :D

    manli.tang dot gmail dot com

    Coconut mint mask - all skin types
    Chocolate mask - all skin types
    Peach mask - dehydrated skin

  13. Can Belgium participate? If so, I follow you already since a long time ago on Bloglovin', liked this article. Name is Lisa and e-mailadress is kreejziegurl[a]gmail.com. I would like to win these 3 masks: Coconut mint mask, Chocolate mask and the Avocado mask.

    Congratulations with the 400+ followers by the way, keep it up like that ^_^

  14. @Liesewiesje, yess everybody can participate ;) doesn't matter in which country you live

  15. Yehey! I know you love masks coz I always read your product reviews on them, and I wish I could try them too, esp the MBD ones. Too bad we dont have them here :/

    Anyways, Im following your blog on bloglovin, and liked the post too :)

    I'll choose the Honey, Chocolate and Fruit Acid masks :)

    I also liked your FB page, my FB name is Jung Rae Woo

    Thanks again..
    Angelie Oro
    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  16. Chocolate, Fruit acid, Honey mask~

    xoxo elle
    bloglovin wifluvelle

  17. Hana Kuriplachova

    2. Chocolate mask - all skin types
    3. Fruit acid mask - normal to combination skin
    4. Peach mask - dehydrated skin

    I like your blog, honey :)Keep up! Hope everything will go fine for you xo

  18. Oh ye and I also liked yout facebook :D Man, lol at me. Name is Hana Kuriplachov√° with a cat picture haha.

  19. Great!
    Follow Memorable Days through bloglovin'.
    "Like" this blogpost on bloglovin'.
    Name: Monik
    Email: monikalintang@hotmail.com
    I would like to win Chocolate, Honey, and Avocado mask. :)

    Facebook: Monika Lintang Retnani

  20. Ik doe ook mee!
    I have followed Memorable Days en liked this blogpost in bloglovin'.
    Email: ym.melanie@gmail.com
    Mijn keuze gaat uit naar: Chocomint, Chocolate en Fruit Acid!
    Ik heb ook je blog geliked op FB, mijn FB link is: http://www.facebook.com/ym.melanie

    Groetjes Melanie Ng

  21. Superleuk! Ik doe mee! :D

    × Ik volg je op bloglovin' en heb het bericht geliked.

    × email; master-dewi@hotmail.com
    × - coconut mint
    - chocolate
    - peach


  22. Hmmm, Blogger deleted my comment or something so here once again, I would love to participate, congratulations by the way with your 400+ followers, keep it up like that! ^_^

    Name: Lisa
    E-mail: kreejziegurl[a]gmail.com

    Would like to win:

    Coconut mint mask
    ChAvocado mask ocolate mask

  23. ^ Oops, something went wrong with the last two names, Chocolate mask and Avocado mask, haha ;-)

  24. Congrats on 400 subscribers!! I love face masks so you know I'm definitely going to enter haha :D

    -Following on Bloglovin
    -Liked on Bloglovin
    -Rinny: eva_s_151[at]yahoo[dot]com
    -If I win I would like: coconut, peach, and avocado masks :D

    Thanks for the great giveaway Elisa!

  25. I would love to win the Avocado mask, Fruit acid mask and Peach mask.
    already following and liked your post
    Email is emily_ho@hotmail.co.uk
    fb:liked Domo-kun

    Congrats and thanks for the giveaway! :) xx

  26. Liked and am following you on Bloglovin.

    I would like the following masks if I win:
    Avocado, Chocolate and Coconut mint mask.

    My mail is manyie.f [a] gmail.com

  27. Hi Elisa! I'm very sad for what happened with Blogger...
    Anyway... Congrats for your blog!!!!
    I follow you on Bloglovin!!!
    I liked the post and the masks I'd love are: Chocolate, honey and Avocado.
    My e mail is valenspervoi@hotmail.it
    I've liked the Fb page (my name is Valentina Chirico)
    A big kiss :)

  28. i follow u on blogloving already ^^ and iliked th post!
    i like chocolate, mint, and peadch. i love seeing everyone's choices ^^
    name: hihihi
    email: sumshi.is.yummy@gmail.com

  29. ps u look really cute in this picture haha oops forgot to add ^^

  30. Stupid blogger ):

    I'm following with bloglovin', loved your post and liked your fb!

    manli.tang93 at gmail dot com

  31. congrats!
    email: winnyee@fsmail.net
    masks I'd prefer: Fruit acid mask,Peach mask,Avocado mask

    I liked your faceboo page: rebecca ho
    :) x

  32. 1. Coconut mint mask - all skin types
    2. Chocolate mask - all skin types
    5. Honey mask - normal to oily skin

    Did all the things! ^-^


  33. congratulation!!

    i follow you through bloglovin' and like the post.
    i like your page on facebook (AnhThy Nguyen)

    my picks: chocolate, honey and fruit acid ^^
    yumethy89 (at) hotmail.com

  34. Oh ye it deleted my comment too :/

    Name and fb name: Hana Kuriplachov√°
    Email: hana.kuriplachova@gmail.com
    Masks: 2. Chocolate mask - all skin types
    4. Peach mask - dehydrated skin
    5. Honey mask - normal to oily skin

    Thanks for giveaway, Elisa, and hope you are doing well! <3

  35. Ik doe mee!
    Ik hou van dr van der hoog dat is het enige budget gezichtsmerk waar ik geen geiriteerde huid van krijg.
    Ik volg je op bloglovin en heb dit artikel geliked!
    Mijn naam: roos
    email: rooshollander@live.nl

    ik wil: 3. Fruit acid mask - normal to combination skin
    4. Peach mask - dehydrated skin
    5. Honey mask - normal to oily skin

  36. I'm not entering but I just wanted to say congrats on 400+ followers :}

  37. ohh! I'm interested!!

    My name is Anna
    anna{dot}indeed {at} gmail.com

    (sorry, I didn't want to post my email without caution)

    fruit acid mask, peach mask, chocolate mask

  38. *Followed Memorable Days through bloglovin' (when three is a crowd)
    *"Like" this blogpost on bloglovin' (when three is a crowd)
    * id like to win the fruit acid, honey and chocolate mask :)
    *"Like" Memorable Days on facebook (Jung Rae Woo)

    Angelie Oro
    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  39. I love this giveaway! Thank you for hosting it:)

    I have followed Memorable Days on bloglovin' under "orhighwater"
    Liked the post on bloglovin' under "orhighwater"
    Chocolate, fruit acid, and honey masks for me please!
    Liked Memorable Days on facebook under "Dana Li"

    Thank you~ <3

  40. Chocolate, Fruit, Honey

    xoxo elle
    wifluvelle at gmail dot com

  41. Coconut Milk, Honey, and Fruit acid mask

    Jane janeyoo88 (at) gmail.com

  42. Congrats on your 400+ followers!! :D

    I would like to win the coconut mint, chocolate and avocado masks please :)

    Vicky: vanity.fashionista@gmail.com

    Liked you on facebook too (Vicky Ly) :) xxx

  43. just wanted to say i've been lurking around on your blog for a while now since i found it while trying to find out what kinds of cosmetics brands are big here (since i've moved to the netherlands now ^^). it's a very cute and informative blog you've got here! :P

    ana - anamrATumichDOTedu

    i followed your blog & liked your blogpost on bloglovin', and also liked memorable days on facebook (name: anam rashid).

    i'd like the coconut mint (#1), chocolate (#2), and fruit acid masks (#3).

    thanks, and i look forward to your future posts~!



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