14 May 2011

Catrice & Essence Nail polishes haul ♥

Lets move on with the blogpost of today. It's about my Catrice & Essence nail polishes haul ♥. I bought heaps of nail polishes lately since all nail polishes were on sale at a Dutch drugstore. They had a great deal: buy one nail polish and get one free, so of course I bought a bunch xD hehehe.

Catrice nail polishes
I bought lots of Catrice nail polishes:
1. #450 Sand francisco
2. #340 Run forest run
3. #530 Up in the air
4. #460 In the Bronx
5. #380 Forget-me-not!
6. #320 Back to black
7. #440 I wear my sunglasses at night
8. #430 Purplelized

I had swatched the #440 I wear my sunglasses at night and #430 Purplelized last week ^__^. Those are my favorites of the bunch.

Essence nail polishes
I bought a few Essence nail polishes:
1. #43 Where is the party
2. Nail art crackling - #02 sparkling silver
3. Nail art crackling - #01 sparkling champagner
4. Nail art special effect topper - #06 You're a gold mine
5. Nail art special effect topper - #01 It's purplicious
6. Nail art pen - #02 cool black
I regret that I didn't buy more nail art pens, because they are quite good, better than I expected :). I will make some swatches of every nail polish so stay tuned ^^!
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