03 May 2011

Catrice swatches - Wear sunglasses at night & Purplelized

I recently bought 13 new nail polishes including 9 Catrice nail polishes. I bought some of their new collection, some are old. In this blogpost I will swatch two nail polishes of their new collection :).
#440 I wear my sunglasses at night
It´s a black nail polish with glitters in it. It´s a lovely color ^__^ and I prefer this more than a normal black nail polish. Loving the glitters! You can see it clearly in the sun.

#430 Purplelized
It´s a dark purple nail polish with grey glitters. It´s one of my favorites of the new Catrice collection. Pretty isn´t it ^___^?!

They are €2,49 each, not expensive at all for great nail polishes like these :). There is 10 ml in each bottle.

I had only put one coat of #440 I wear my sunglasses at night and it was good enough. Second coat wasn't even needed. The #430 purplelized nail polish did need a second coat. Both nail polishes were easy to apply and weren't streaky at all. Both are pretty ^___^~!
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  1. Mooie lakjes ! :D Die zwarte is idd mooier dan normaal zwart.

  2. @Sam, jup, vind ik ook ^___^

  3. oe, mooi! :d Die zwarte nagellak doet met denken aan de zwarte oogschaduw van catrice, want daar zit ook glitters in :'d.
    Die paarse is erg mooi! <3

  4. Die zwarte is idd veel mooier dan gewoon zwarte nagellak :) Mooi! Zo wil ik best zwarte nagellak dragen hehehe ^^

    Lijkt die paarse veel op Dirty Berry? Of verbeeld ik me dat? xD

  5. @Suzy, hmm niet echt? Dirty berry is duidelijk donker blauw met zilvere glitters. Purplelized is paars met zilvere glitters en is brighter xD vind deze mooier eigenlijk :P

  6. Ik vind ze allebei superleuk!

  7. *O* ohhh I <3<3<3 the colors!!!

  8. @Moodibunni ^__^ nice isn't it ='D. thanks for following hun <3


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