10 November 2010

Surprise package from Suzy ^__^♥

I just came back from school and I looked in the mailbox and found two parcels. I thought both were for my sister, since I didn't ordered anything. But I looked closer and saw that one was for me o_O"!... I looked at the back and it was a package from Suzy ^o^! *screams* (Suzy is a Dutch beauty blogger ^o^ that I'm following, do check her blog out; http://www.simplysuzy.nl )

I was so excited to open it, I always shake it a little bit to hear whats inside ~_~ that's so stupid actually lol. It had a weird sound though hahaha. The first thing that I saw after I opened it were the dummy candy's!! lol lol =p haven't eaten that for a while ♥ I thought they didn't sell it anymore in Holland? The strawberry flavor really is my favorite one~

I also found a sweet card that she wrote to me ^_^! And after that I took out the surprise goodies she sent me.... ♥ A beauty diary mask and a C+M blemish off sheet mask, a few samples from Dermalogica and Laneige, a Bioré pore strip and a Essie polish (3-way glaze). AAAAAHH, that's super sweet of her !! I've always wanted to try a polish of Essie~!! I can't wait to try everything out ='D

Thank you so much Suzy ^__^! You made me so happy today xD! I will send you something back very soon, I need to collect the goodies first hihi♥


  1. that was very sweet of her to send you those. :-)

  2. @Sakie, I was very surprised ='D didn't expect this, its super sweet of her ^___^!

  3. OMG! Ik dacht dat ik al een comment achter had gelaten op deze post! Duh :P

    Hahaha nou, ben blij dat je zo happy bent met de spulletjes ^^

  4. @Suzy, jaaa ben er super blij mee=D heb alleen de essie nagellak uitgeprobeert xD de rest moet ik nog uitprobere xD ben benieuwdd!!


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