11 November 2010

A new mask from Montagne Jeunesse

I bought 6 masks from Montagne Jeunesse, I actually haven't tried these before.They were on sale at a Dutch drugstore (1 euro each), so I wanted to try it out :) 
There is a new mask from Montagne Jeunesse: Fruit Smoothie - with Crushed Raspberry and Mango. Hmm.. sounds nice right? It's for normal, dry and T-zone skin. It claims that it will clean your face deeply, it's fresh and it will give you a softer skin after using it. There is 20gram in it, enough to use it once. Oehhh~ I can't wait to try it out ^.^!


  1. eee so many face masks! they all sound yummy! careful not to eat them ><

  2. AHHHH :) I love masks! I only tried one type of mask and it's just a rejuvenating one.

  3. Ik vind het ├ęcht superleuk om maskertjes op te doen! En zeker als ze ook echt werken.

  4. Cool! can't wait to see your review =3

  5. Be sure to let us know if they work well after you try them. :-)

  6. Reply to amanda, michelle-esque, judith, petitechouxx, sakie and thomas gantz

    @Amanda, hahaha i knowww, it always smells super nice! I won't it ofcourse =3

    @Michelle, ahwww masks are really nice <3 I have been using masks for a long long time, kind of addicted to it now haha =p

    @Judith, jaaa inderdaad, hopelijk werken deze ook =) heb je deze een keer geprobeert?

    @petitechouxx, thank youu ^^ will post a review of it soon~

    @Sakie and thomas gantz, I will ^^ !! I'm really curious about this one, havent tried it before =D

  7. @juun, heb ze nog niet geprobeerd xD ik ga eentje volgende week probere =) dus review komt hoogstwaarschijnlijk volgende week =D

  8. Do tell me how this is !!
    Because I see them all the time in the shops and I want try one but I'm not sure >_<


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