04 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M - 2010 Fall/Winter Collection + Prizes

The whole collection of Lanvin was revealed on the 2nd of November 2010. In this post I will show you the Women collection and a small part of the Men Collection. It's not really my taste of fashion, but I do see some shirts that I would love to buy :) These are the lovely Lanvin bags (Looks pretty isn't it ^__^?):
Its a lookbook video of the Lanvin collection. Lol, I actually think that some parts are kind of creapy xD But I do love the way they did this video.

This is the women collection including prizes in euros (click on the pictures to enlarge):
A part of the men collection:

Source: Fashionscene.nl & Nitrolicious.com/blog
If you want to see larger pictures of the whole collection (including the male collection) go to this website > http://www.nitrolicious.com/blog/2010/11/02/lanvin-for-hm-womens-collection/


  1. zitten leuke dingen tussen... XD

  2. If only I had the money to buy the entire collection. Hahaha! I love the skirt with the asymmetrical ruffles running across the side to the front and the trench coats. I would even buy out the mens' collection if I could. HAHA ^^

  3. How can you not love H&M!
    I spot some nice dresses <3

  4. Reply to Jolanda, Michelle-esque and Mei

    @Jolanda, jaa de shirts vind ik wel leuk en de rokken met die frutsels.. de rest zijn te overdreven en zal je normaal niet dragen denk ik xD

    @michelle, hahah, those clothing are very expensive !!! I love the skirts as well and those tshirts <33

    @Mei, noooo don't get me wrong. I LOVE H&M !!!
    Alleen de meeste dingen zal je niet normaal gaan dragen xD haha.. maar die rokken en tshirts vind ik wel leuk =D..

  5. This collection looks great! There's been a lot of buzz abt this release for awhile hey? I love how the dresses are structured...wish it was more readily available though :*(

  6. Its so funny when its available, people will just sleep in front the h&m store to get one xD lol.. and after wards they will put it on Ebay as fast as they can =p

  7. These clothes are really great!


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