23 November 2010

The crowd went APE with Far East Movement

The Dutches jumped through the darn ceiling with Far East Movement!!

The boys from Far East Movement know how to parteeeey! They were on stage at Paradiso in Amsterdam yesterday and the show was sold out! DJ Virman started with some hot tracks to warm us all up! Kev Nish, J-Spliff and Prohgress were singing songs from their new album: "Free Wired". The crowd went APE, especially when they sang Like a G6, Girls on the dancefloor and Rocketeer (ft. Ryan Tedder). Their positive energy just blew the whole crowd away! It really was an awesome concert, thanks for coming guys ;)

We were lucky cuz we almost stood at the front row, so we also had the chance to shake their hands =)

I took a few videos and combined it all together for you guys. I filmed it with my Canon camera and it took me ages to put it on Windows Movie Maker. Besides, I had to change the video into a lower quality (which sucks), but anyways I've uploaded it on youtube, you can still FEEL THE ENERGY AND GO APE!!! 

They will be in Paris today, so if you're there, make sure to go there tonight at Palais Maillot. Far East Movement will be in Jalouse, London on Wednesday and at Dusseldorf on Friday.
I was so happy to see you girls again , I really had an awesome day ^-^! Hadn't seen them for almost a year =D! The concert was really one of the DOPEST day I've ever had 8)- such a memorable day it was~

Ps. The reason why I don't really have a big smile on the picture is that I have braces xD lol, I'm a bit shy to show it and I don't want to hurt your eyes with it hahah


  1. Waarom draagt iedereen ZWART?? OMG someone died XD??

  2. whahahaah geen idee =p viel me niet eens op XD was gwn toeval (A) zwart kleed af whauhaha

  3. It looked like you had mad fun. I'm so jealous!

  4. they sound really good live =) heehee glad you had fun!
    ps. I was exactly the same when I wore braces! XD you'll be so happy when it's all over =D

    pps. aw thank you! that video was so stupid though cuz I got all the facts wrong XD ahahaha. I was wearing Dolly Wink nail color ^__^ I actually have a post on it if you want to check it out here http://theprettibrowneyes.blogspot.com/2010/11/dolly-wink-nail-polishes-review.html


  5. that was awesome! it would have been a great show to be at, you're lucky!

    i wish i had braces :( i think you should show them in pictures hehe :)

  6. ohh I saw them when they were here in the summer, I'm soo proud that they're asian and they're so... cool! I mean, asians aren't known to be rappers, but those guys are AWESOME!

  7. Haa how nice!! Glad to hear you like it.

    And haha, all asian girls going to see asian rappers. Love it!

  8. @jennifer, why don't you take braces then =o ? neahh, I think its ugly =p, so i never show them on pictures xD I didn't even wanted to talk with people when I just had my braces haha =p

    @Pop Champagne, they are AWESOME! XD they really know how to perform =) and they sound awesome live as well =D loved it!

    @Sam, hahah,, jup =p there were many many asians there and a few dutch guys xD Not many people know FM actually ;)


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