16 November 2010

Glittery French Manicure tutorial

Yay~ another nail art tutorial! I haven't done a nail art tutorial for a while ^__^! Hihi, I hope you like this one ='D. I call it the Glittery French Manicure tutorial- its simple, just follow the steps :)

Step 1: Apply a base coat and wait for it till it dries.
Step 2: Apply a white nail polish on your tips of your nails, just like french manicure. Try to do this as straight as possible, you can also use tape. Let this dry.

Step 3: Apply a gray line under the white line. I did this with a glittery tip painter. Let this dry.

Step 4: Apply another glittery nail polish on your tips. Look at the red lines, you only need to do the tips and not your whole nail. Wait till it is dry.

Step 5: Apply a top coat and you're done :)

I have used the following nail polishes...
- Step 1: Base coat from HEMA, a Dutch store.
- Step 2: Dear'Lee white nail polish
- Step 3: Multiglitter tip painter from Essence. (gray)
- Step 4: Multi dimension 3 in 1 nail polish with XXXL shine from Essence.
- Step 5: Top coat- Essie 3 in one glaze (I got this one from Suzy ^-^!)

Hope you liked this tutorial =D Click on the labels at the sidebar to see more tutorials :)


  1. Your nails are so perfect! D: I wish I had nice nails hehe

  2. very nice =] simple yet pretty, and i love the shape of your nails x]

  3. Thank youuu ^__^. lol, my hands are kind of dry because of the cold >.<

  4. i love how amazing but simple they look. you did a very neat job with them!

  5. Your nails look sooooo pretty.
    Totally jealous <3 And thanks for the tutorial ! I love how it's so clean and simple (: Much better than all those cluttered looks I've been seeing everywhere lately !

  6. This is a really cute french manicure! I would love to do french manicures, but I can't stand long nails. hahah They look so niceee though.

  7. Cute! Vind het heel schattig staan! :D Wou dat mijn nagels zo mooi waren :)

  8. Thank youuu alll <3333 It's very easyyy ^^ you should all try it =D

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog & commenting ^-^

    And I love the nails, really wanna try it myself! :D

  10. really cute nail - love the glitter touch!

  11. One thing: how do your nails grow like this? And how do you keep them fom breaking? Cause mine don't last for longer then a weel =S

    xoxoxo Thaïs

  12. @Thais, my sis is even asking me that question all the time. My nails are quite hard and it never breaks actually. But people with less hard nails can use nail hardening (can be bought at drugstores) =). And how to keep the polish longer on your nails? I'm putting a top coat on all of my nails and put an extra layer on the tips of my nails, so it will last longer =), but you do need a good top coat as well ;)

  13. There are great I've just finished mine!!! Super!!
    Thanks so mutch!!! And by the way make another for xmas!!!

  14. @Anonymous, glad you liked it =D! Yess, I will do a christmas nail tutorial in december ^^ stay tuned ;)

  15. Yeah, I have also done french manicures to my nails. Its already famous in europe and now, its becoming quite famous world wide.


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