06 January 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products of 2012!

In todays blogpost I will show you my TOP 10 favorite beauty products of 2012! Eventhough 2012 is over, I still think it's important to show you what I liked through the previous year. You probably saw my favorite products of last year right? If you haven't seen that before, you can check it out in this blogpost. It took some time to create this blogpost, since I had to go through all of my reviews of 2012. Anyways, lets start since it's going to be a long blogpost ^___^.


#1 Etude house - Pearl Extract Sheet masks
Yes, believe it or not my most favorite beauty product of 2012 are these amazing sheet masks from Etude House. I'm still using these by the way and I will keep using it until I find one which is even better than this. This sheet mask gives me such a moist and not to forget a natural glow on my face. I was so surprised when I used it for the first time o.o! Read the whole review here..

#2 Hada Labo - Gokujyun Face wash
I've been using this face wash for a year and it's still my favorite one! I'm currently on my third tube and I'm going to repurchase it soon ^__^. It's the first face wash that I'm using which doesn't dry out my skin and it removes my face make up well. Read the whole review here..

#3 Liquid-Filled cotton swabs, eye make up remover 
These cotton swabs are AL-WAYS in my make up bag nowadays. It's so useful when your eye makeup has smudged. It's gentle on the eyes and it's easy to use. These swabs even removes waterproof makeup! Read the whole review here..

#4 Studs for nails
I was totally in love with studs in 2012, it just looks great! And I loved these on my nails as well. It's extremely easy to use and it looks edgy on the nails. Read the whole review here...

#5 Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water Fuse BB cream 
To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this at first. However, the more I used this the more I liked it. This BB cream is great, if you just need a little bit of coverage to even out your skin tone. Read the whole review here...

#6 Dr. Jart+ Silver Label BB cream
I really like this BB cream when I need a lot of coverage. This BB cream works the best if you mix it a bit with Dr. Jart+ Most Moist Water Fuse BB cream which I mentioned above. Only a little product is needed, since the structure is so thick. Read the whole review here...

#7 K-Palette - Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 day tattoo
My favorite Eyeliner of the year. It stays on the eyes for a long time, it's easy to control and you are able to create very thin lines as well as medium thick lines. Also, the important part is that it's really waterproof! Read the whole review here...

#8 Koji No. 71 Eyelash curler 
It's extremely hard to find an inexpensive eyelash curler which suits Asian eyes. I've finally found one which holds the curl and is suitable for my eye shape. Read the whole review here...

#9 Bourjois Paris Sucre nail polishes 
These Bourjois nail polishes are my favorites of 2012! The brush is extremely good, I like the pastel colors and the packaging of these nail polishes. It's still available in stores so you must try them if you see it! Read the whole review here... 

#10 Paula's Choice Shine Stopper Matte Finish 
My oh my, I always hate it when my T-zone is so oily. I have a combination dry skin and I always need to use blotting paper to remove the oil. I've been using the Shine Stopper from Paula's Choice for a while and it really makes my t-zone matte for a few hours after applying it! I hope I can find a product which makes it matte for the whole day this year! Read the whole review here...

This was it girls, I hope you liked my top 10. What are YOUR top 10 favorite products of 2012?!
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