30 December 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Products of 2011!

Wow, it has been a year already, time really flies! 1 and a half day left before the year 2012 will start. I wrote a lot of reviews during this whole year, but never did a "My favorite products" post, since I don't buy products every month. Therefore I decided to write a blogpost to list my favorite products of 2011 ^___^. There are 10 products that I really love this year and which I'm still using. This is going to be a long blogpost so lets start, shall we?

#1 Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid hydrating face lotion

Yes, you could have guessed it, it's the famous Hada Labo lotion! It's one of the major hits in Japan, selling one every 4 seconds since its launch there. I'm still using my first bottle (one bottle goes a long way!) and I bought a second one already just because it's AWESOME o__o! I definitely will purchase this again when my second bottle is empty. ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! It's affordable, so moist and even suitable for my dry skin! I started to love Japanese products after I tried this one ^__^. This product definitely deserves the spotlight!

#2 CURE Natural Aqua Gel

The Cure natural aqua gel is also a famous one in Japan! One bottle was sold every 20 seconds there when they first launched it in the market! It's just fascinating to see that your dead skin cells will come off while using this product. You can see that this product is working! After washing it off you will also feel that your skin is very soft and not dry at all. Highly recommended! Great exfoliator too!

#3 Facial Cleansing Pad - Blackhead Remover

I love useful beauty gadgets \^o^/ and this one is my ultimate favorite one! I used to use my hands only to wash my face with my cleanser. However, I think this gadget is way better than just using my hands. It will easily remove most of the dirt (make up) on my face. Also, it helps to keep my face smooth and it improves the blood circulation ^__^. So many benefits for such an easy, inexpensive gadget!

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#4 Sigma Brush F80 – Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki

I was OH SOO happy when Sigma Beauty decided to send me the flat top kabuki brush for review purposes because I wanted to try this brush for a long time already o.o. Yes, guess what,  it became my FAVORITE brush of all time! I started to love Sigma brushes after I tried this one. I usually use this brush to apply liquid foundation and it applies my foundation so evenly, I totally love it! It's such a pity that their brushes are a bit pricey though ='(.

#5 Hada Labo Gokujyun Moisturizing Cream

Another Hada Labo product that I adore this year. This cream is sheer and light but still moist, which I like! It's always hard for me to find a product which is moist enough and doesn't feel too thick on my face. I finally found the product that I wanted! Although it does makes my face a bit oily, but some oil sheets will solve that problem. This is recommended to people with dry skin ;).
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#6 Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

I recently purchased the full size of the Laneige water sleeping pack. It's the first sleeping masks that I tried in my life and I was hooked after it. Once you apply this mask on, you will feel the lovely cooling effect! The scent of this product is nice and it's soothing as well and these factors together will make you feel relaxed. It's a lovely product that I'm using twice a week. One of the cons is that it's quite expensive for a sleeping mask, but I think it's worth it!

#7 LUCIDarling Fantastic nails - purple ruby

My #1 favorite nail polish of the year 2011 is the Lucidarling nail polish - purple ruby! It's a lovely purple nail polish with glitters and even stars in it! I love this nail polish so much because of the color, glitters and the brush which is easy to work with ^__^. The bottle as you can see in the picture is pretty as well :D. It's very suitable to create gradient nails! Check out my tutorial by clicking on the following link. 

#8 Nail art dotting pens

I love these nail art dotting pens! I think a lot of you who loves nail art bought this set of dotting pens this year (or earlier). It's very useful since the sizes of the dots are all different. I only bought this for $1,69 on Ebay.com. It's so cheap for 5 pens, since it at least cost €2.- for one dotting pen here in The Netherlands. The pens are sturdy and easy to use and easy to clean. I highly recommend to buy this if you're interested in nail art!

#9 Handmade False Eyelashes from Bornprettystore

I received this pair of false eyelashes from Bornprettystore a while back. I had never tried handmade eyelashes before, so I wanted to try it out. I'm wearing these lashes quite often now and this became my favorite eyelashes of the year, because it's comfortable, doesn't feel heavy, looks very natural and isn't pricey. I always prefer natural false lashes than dramatic ones, because it's less obvious.

#10 Barry M Instant Nail Effects Mint Green

No, it's not a crackle nail polish of Barry m that I'm loving. I don't really like crackle nail polish that much to be honest. Anyways... I started to love the color mint green in 2011. I think that it's a lovely color for the summer ^^ and I'm sure that I will keep applying this during summer 2012! This mint green nail polish from Barry M gives a nice finish and isn't sheer at all. The brush of this nail polish works great and the nail polish is easy to remove too^^.

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