31 December 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Nail art creations of 2011!

It's the last day of 2011 girls! Are you counting down to 2012 yet? I hope you're going to have an awesome new years eve today with your loved ones ^^. What did I write for you today? You all know that I created a lot of nail art tutorials during the year of 2011 right? I thought that it would be fun to show my top 10 favorite manicures of the year. I really appreciate all of your lovely comments about the nail art creations, it's always hard for me to get the perfect lighting in house to photograph the creations, especially during the winter. I will keep on making tutorials the next year and I hope I can keep inspire you with my manis ♥ . This top 10 is also a short recap of the nail art tutorials that I created this year, check out the tutorials in case you've missed any ;).

#1 Cow print nail art

My ultimate favorite mani of the year is the cow print nail art! Some of you attempted to create this design after reading my tutorial. OMG, I absolutely loved to see all your attempts on my design ^___^♥.

#2 Elegant black lace nail art

OEHHH I love this mani as well. The stickers and the matte black nail polish made this nail art creation very elegant ^__^, I like, I like ... It's a very easy creation actually. It turned out so nice all thanks to the black lace stickers that I received from Born Pretty Store. Therefore, big thank you to the company \^o^/!

See tutorial ...

#3 Snow fairy nail art

Third one is the snow fairy nail art creation. I love to use the sponge effect because it looks like snow to me ^^ and together with the glitters I thought about the name: Snow fairy. Creative right? lol XD ... I was addicted to silver glitters back then :).

#4 Japanese Cherry Blossom nail art

The Japanese Cherry Blossom nail art is lovely for the spring/summer, it's nothing new actually ^^. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this mani on other blogs before ;). However, it's still one of my favorites of 2011, because it looks so summer-y!

See tutorial ...

#5 Rainy day nail art

As you can see, this nail art was inspired by the rain and clouds. It's a cute mani which you easily can create with a dotting pen or even with a few toothpicks!

#6 Easy and cute flower nail art

This is probably the easiest nail art that I created so far. The flower can be created with a toothpick or dotting pen and the pearl in the middle of the flower finishes the whole look ^___^. This nail art is even appropriate for weddings or elegant party's.

See tutorial...

#7 Easter nail art 

I used a mint green nail polish to create this nail art. As you can see I added some dots and on my third nail, stars ^.^. These are absolutely adorable nails for spring and/or summer! The bling bling nail was just added to make the nail art less "sweet" hehehe.. I didn't make a tutorial about this one, I thought that it was quite obvious how I created this creation.

#8 Glitter gradient nail art

The glitter gradient started to be "cool" at the beginning of 2011, so that's why I created this tutorial. I used my favorite glitter nail polish of 2011: the Lucidarling - purple ruby nail polish from Etude house to create this tutorial ^^.  Love the glitters and stars ♥.

See tutorial...

#9 Mummy nail art 

These were my Halloween nails of 2011 ^^ inspired by mummy's! I noticed that a lot of you liked this one and I had fun making this mani so I added this to my top #10 favorites.

#10 Summer roses nail art

In this tutorial I explained how to create roses. Many of you thought that it would be very hard to create one, but it is actually very easy ^^. You can easily create a rose by doing 4 steps. Want to know which 4 steps? Just read the tutorial and you will know :).

See tutorial ... 

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