17 August 2011

Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art Tutorial

Today I would like you to show you the Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail art Tutorial. It's great for the summer ^__^. Continue reading if you want to know how to do this nail art.

You can use a light pink or a light blue nail polish as the background. I always practice and match the colors on a piece of paper before I actually paint it on my nails. Which color do you prefer, light pink or blue? I used a light pink nail polish as the background in this nail art tutorial.
If you use a light blue nail polish, it will look like this (see picture below). It looks pretty as well right ^__^?! 
Anyways, lets move on to the tutorial:
Step 1: Apply a base coat and wait till its dry.
Step 2: Apply a light pink or a light blue nail polish on every nail. Wait till it's dry before you move on to the next step.
Step 3: Use a nail art brush to draw some branches with a dark brown or black nail polish. Wait till this is dry.
Step 4: Use a dotting pencil (I used the yellow dotting pencil) and apply a few white dots on the branches to create flowers.
Step 5: Apply some extra white dots if you get the feeling that it's a bit empty. Afterwards, apply a dot with a dark pink nail polish to finish the flower.
Step 6: When everything is dry, apply a top coat and you're done.

What did I use for this nail art tutorial?
- Base & Top coat from HEMA
- Catrice, #210 Just married (light pink), #540 Am I Blue or Green (light blue)
- Catrice, #220 Lost in mud (dark brown, to create the branches)
- Dear' Lee white nail polish
- Long lasting dark pink nail polish #901 from HEMA
- Yellow dotting pencil
- Orange stripe brush


  1. Aww cute! This has got to be one of my favourites from you :) I like the blue because it's really different to typical cherry blossom images but pink just looks more 'normal' to me x) I might give this nail art a go, thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Very nice, i have made that a while ago

  3. Nya! Nya! Nya! Maar je wistal dat ik je nail-art geweldig vind =^_^=

  4.  ahwww, thank you jenn :D would love to see it on your nails ^^ !!! I actually prefer the blue version as well hahah ='D

  5.  yeah, it's nothing new actually ='D haha but still,, it's great for the summer ^^

  6.  hihi <3 dank je wel mitchin ^o^

  7. omgggg zo pretttty! love it <3

  8. So cute ^__^ heel mooi Elisa! xx

  9. OMG dit is echt super duper cute <3 Damn, had ik maar lange nagels :(

  10.  dit kan ook op korte nagels :o

  11. Wow those are so adorable! I'm inspired! I must get some nail art pens now!

  12. Omfg I like!!!!! :) ur so talented!

  13. bangbangsheshootsAugust 19, 2011 2:18 PM

    aww you make it look easy to do! very cute!

  14. Nah, dat staat lang niet zo mooi denk ik :) Dan kan ik net een half takje tekenen en dan is m'n nagel al vol LOL.

  15. These are so cute! You're such a pro at nail art Elisa :D I think both the blue and pink backgrounds look pretty.


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