Nail art brushes

I bought a set of nail art brushes a month ago. I think that many people already have this set since it's not something new anymore. There are 15 brushes in one set, some brushes are orange, some are white and some are brown.

I bought this set on Ebay for $1,69 with free shipping. Not expensive at all for 15 brushes, so it's definitely worth to buy. Unfortunately the seller from whom I bought it from doesn't sell it anymore. However, I'm sure that there are other sellers on Ebay who sells it for the same price.

It comes in a nice & simple packaging which is made of plastic. The packaging keeps the brushes together.

The quality of the brushes are so-so. The softness is ok and the hair won't come off easily while using or cleaning it. However, the brushes aren't easy to use at the beginning, you do need to practice. Even a straight line can be difficult at start, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. Besides, these brushes are quite hard to clean, the color of the nail polish will still remain a little bit on the hair. I will make a tutorial about how you can clean nail art brushes on a good way later.. so stay tuned ;).

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