10 August 2011

Summer hair tutorials for long hair

People with long hair can do a lot with their hair. They can have a lot of different hairstyles, but they just don't know how to do it. In this blogpost I will share some Youtube videos with a few hairstyle tutorials for the summer. These 3 hairstyle guru's have a lot of videos with different kind of hairstyles which are suitable for long & short hair.

1. Lilithedarkmoon
Hairstyle guru Lilith models for different hair salons in Paris. She participates in shows, workshops and trainings where the latest trends in hair styling are presented. Lilith has 100 videos on her channel which are all related to hair and it's mostly for people with medium to long hair. This is probably the only channel I know with the most hairstyle tutorials and they are easy to follow as well. In this video below you will see the waterfall braid hair tutorial: 

2. FoxyLocksExtensions
Imogen is the owner of this channel and she also created the website Foxy Locks Extensions. She often uses hair extensions in her tutorials. Her videos are easy to follow and great for people with long hair. In the video below you will see the famous fishtail hairstyle, she will explain how to do this here:

3. Luxyhair
This channel is run and operated by Leyla & Mimi. They make videos for short, medium and long hair. They have always loved everything related to hair so they decided to start sharing their knowledge by making videos on Youtube. In this video below you will see the four strand braid hairstyle tutorial, check it out:


  1. leuk leuk :D ik heb ook veel geexperimenteerd toen ik nog lang haar had. Misschien een idee om ook voor kort haar te doen? :D

  2.  jup, toen ik deze zat te typen zat ik al te denken dat ik ook eentje voor kort
    haar moet doen hihi ^^ niet iedereen heeft zulke lange haren :) 

  3. wish i have longer hair to do nice braid~

  4. you can always use extensions xD

  5. wow! I wish I had long hair now >___<


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