20 August 2011

Catrice swatches - In the Bronx & Back to Black

I'm going to show you two Catrice nail polish swatches today. The colors are gold and silver looking. Both colors are great as a base for crackling nails ;).

These are sold at the Dutch drugstore, Kruidvat. They are €2,49 each.
The brushes are very thick. The brush from the back to black nail polish is slightly thicker than the other one. However, they are easy to work with and they aren't streaky at all. If you do it correctly, you will only need one coat. The coverage is good of both nail polishes.
I really like the back to black nail polish :D, love the color! Which one do you prefer?
See more swatches here: Catrice nail polish swatches


  1. oe, ze zijn mooi :). Ik vind back to black erg mooi ^^

  2. the black colour is so cool!! It's dark silver like, like jewelry. metal colours are nice--it's your daily dose of jewelry without wearing jewelry :) 

  3. ahhh the colours are so nicee ! I really want some gold sparkly nail polish like that *___* <3

  4. wow! Awesome! I just cont a gold and silver nail polish! I'm excited to use them :D It was from little tokyo :D But your colors look amazing! Especially the gold!  ♥

  5.  thank you :D would love to see yours as well :D

  6. i'm sure you can find one in melbourne ='D 

  7.  indeed haha ='D i also love the metal color xD so cool.. i haven't seen something like this before

  8.  "like" hihi.. ik vind die ook mooier dan de goude ='D

  9. I really like In the Bronx! I've been drawn to golds and bronzes lately for some reason. Back to Black looks very nice too though - it would look great in the fall. These polishes look like they apply very smoothly :)


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