02 January 2011

Snow fairy nail art tutorial

I call this the Snow fairy nail art tutorial. Why? This nail art made me think of snow, because of the white sponge effect that I used. And the glitters made me think of a fairy somehow.. :P It's easy as always ^_^ just follow the steps.

Step 1: Apply a base coat and wait for it till it dries.
Step 2: Apply the Catrice nail polish #300 Be my millionaire on your nails or use an other silver nail polish and wait till it's dry.
Step 3: Grap a sponge, put some white nail polish on it and dap this on the tips of your nails- use the sponge technique and wait till it's dry. It looks a bit like snow don't you think ;) ?

Don't know what the sponge technique is? Go to: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/06/sponge-nail-art-tutorial.html.
Step 4: Use a silver glittery nail polish and put it in between the lines. (see picture). And wait till everything is dry.
Step 5: Apply a top coat and you're done ^_^!
I have used the following nail polishes...
- Step 1: Base coat from HEMA, a Dutch store.
- Step 2: Catrice #300 Be my millionaire
- Step 3: Dear'Lee white nail polish
- Step 4: Essence nail art twins, glitter topper #02 julia
- Step 5: Top coat from HEMA, a Dutch store.

Hope you liked this tutorial =D Click on the labels at the sidebar to see more tutorials :)


  1. Wow, love this!! It's so pretty!! I'm gonna try this when I have my acrylics off.

    Thanks for the tut ^^


  2. Wooow, it looks so pretty and awesome! Well done :D

  3. Very pretty! I'll have to try this out soon~ Thank you for the tut xx

  4. Omg, that is way cute! Gotta try it sometime. Thank you! ^__^

  5. Wauw, superleuk! Ik heb trouwens gister je kettinkje ontvangen, ik ben er heel blij mee, hij is echt heel mooi! Nogmaals bedankt :)

  6. Leuk trouwens, al die extra dingetjes erbij :) Bedankt voor je kaartje!

  7. I love it! I always used a different sponging method and it never really worked out for me.. Guess I have to skip the make up sponges and just grab a sponge out of my kitchen, this effect is much more fun!

  8. This looks beautiful!
    And it actually reminds me of snow :) <3

  9. @Marieke, asjeblieft =D !! Ben Blij dat je het leuk vind ^__^!!

    Thank youu all `!! Glad you all like this nail art =D

  10. ooo this is really pretty, I like how the white actually looks like snow...

  11. omg its so pretty! Thanks for the tut =)

  12. Wow! sooo pretty! I've never cared about my nails but you make them look amazing~ :)

  13. Thank you all for your comments ^__^♥

  14. omg, deze is zo leuk zeg! ;O -mijn nicht stuurde me net de link van deze tut haha-


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