24 April 2011

Happy Easter ♥ - Easter nail art

Happy Easter everybody! Have you found any eggs in your house yet ='D? Today I would like to share an Easter nail art. This isn't a tutorial since it's quite clear to see what I did in the pictures. 

You can change the middle finger into this if you want to:
Don't you just HATE it when this happens when you're almost done with all your nails >.<"?!

I used a dotting pen green and toothpicks.

What did I use for this nail art?
- Base coat: Hema dutch store & a top coat: Essie 3 way glaze.
- Catrice : #240 sold out forever
- Dear'Lee white nail polish for the dots
- Essence nail art glitter stars
- Catrice : #280 London's Weather forecast
- Catrice : #300 Be my millionaire
- Essence nail art twins glitter topper 07 blair

How did I do the ring finger?
Step 1: base coat
Step 2: Catrice #300 be my millionaire
Step 3: I applied Essence nail art twins glitter topper 07 blair with a toothpick
Step 4: Top coat

I hope you liked my Easter nail art ^___^ and I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!


  1. Leuke paas nailart! :D Zalig pasen Elisa <3

  2. @Sam, dank je wel :D en jij ook fijne paasdagen toegewenst ^^

  3. Dat ziet er echt superschattig uit! Ik ga het ook proberen ^^

  4. Super cuuuute jammer van die smudge maar voor de rest is super cute ^__^ vooral de sterretjes!
    Vrolijk Pasennnn

  5. The mint green is definitely very spring-like :) I like the nail with stars on it!

    Happy Easter!

  6. how often do u change ur nail colors elisa :D?

  7. @Silva, jaaa laat weten of het gelukt is :D

  8. @Elle + Mei , happy easter :D

  9. @Jennifer, haha probably once a week? sometimes i won't put anything on my nails just to let them rest for a bit, otherwise it will turn yellow lol xd

  10. The stars are so pretty Elisa!! I wish I had the patience to my nails so nicely >< Happy Easter!! Xx

  11. Happy easter Elisa! it's super cute this nail art!!!!

  12. Ooooh, how cute and pretty :D Happy Easter by the way! :)

  13. haha, definitely hates that tooo!!
    echt altijd wanneer ik NET klaar ben met al mn nagels, gaat er eentje zo kapot =( boehoe!

  14. @Prisje, jaaa T_T bij mij ook,, arghh dan kan je het ook niet redden ofso, dan moet je het weer opnieuw doen =(

  15. I love the 3rd and 4th fingers in the first photo! I love sparkley, blingy nails :D

  16. Easter nail art is a nice design it is cute, I like it.

  17. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these nails are supr cute! love love loves elisa!


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