25 April 2011


Hi lovely readers ♥,
I will be gone for a few days, 3 days to be exact, since I'm going to London with my sis ^___^! I have never been there, so I'm very excited to do some sightseeing and shopping in London. I know that 3 days is way too short and I wish that I could stay longer, but unfortunately I can't =[. Anyways, since it's my first time there, I would love to ask you, which places you recommend to go ^___^.. this can be shopping malls/streets, food places I don't know, anything...! Btw. That doesn't mean that I won't blog these 3 days. I will write some scheduled posts, so you won't even notice that I'm gone hihi ^__^.

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Besides sightseeing and shopping I will also go to the Joey Yung (容祖兒) concert in London. Chinese readers might know her since she's mad famous in Hong Kong! She will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall on the 26th of April, which is this Tuesday ^___^. Let me know if you're going as well :D!  
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