29 December 2011

SASA.com offers FREE shipping for 3 days

As you all know Sasa.com is my favorite website ^^. They are offering a lovely deal these 3 days which I want to share with you all! There is an end of the year sale where a lot of beauty products are discounted from 20% to 70%: check these products out. Also, they offer worldwide FREE shipping for 3 days when ordering more than $15! OMG 15 USD is really NOTHING xD their assortment is so huge, I'm sure you will buy a lot when you're done. This deal is from the 29th - 31st of December.

I have a sasa shopping ban at the moment since I purchased heaps of products while I was in Hong Kong. Besides, I also made an order on their website a few weeks ago. Therefore I am not planning to buy anything this time xD. It won't be good for my wallet either whahaha. By the way, they didn't pay me to promote this, I just wanted to share this deal, because I know a lot of you are purchasing things on this website or are interested to do so, so this is your chance ;)!

If you're going to register for the first time at Sasa.com, don't forget to put my email: Elisa__lee@hotmail.com at the "Referred By" section. Sometimes you will get a free gift with your purchase ;).


  1. thank you for informing us :)
    i placed an order a few minutes ago! ♥

  2. Eeeee! I've heard so many people blog about purchasing from this site!

    Now's my chance to buy some my beauty diary masks!
    I don't know which ones to get though :( I'm thinking aloe vera... I don't really care about skin whitening. Would you recommend any?

  3. Niiiice! :O Thanks for the share <3 B

  4. yeah i like the aloe vera one as well, it has a light aloe vera scent.. but that one doesn't do much except for moisturizing your skin.. you can check out this list if you're looking for some factors that you want from the mask:

    (These factors, like whitening and stuff will only stay if you use it regularly, so you won't  notice the effects very well after one usage. ) My favorite one is still apple polyphenol ^^ and france apricot is nice as well.. It really depends on which scent YOU like ;) since the structure of the standard line masks are all the same, only some has more serum on the masks than others, but they are all moist though!

  5. Aw thank you for your detailed response!
    I'll be sure to look into it more. I like fruity smells :D
    The link is super helpful!! According to the image, I think I like cooling or apple... Hmm.
    Thanks again for the help Elisa :D!!!!

  6. just three bison bath salts and a eyelash curler :)
    i have to save money TT__TT

  7. ah i have to save money as well =( bought so many things lately >.<"

  8. oh my you are really addicted to Sasa haha you should just because a rep for them! ;p


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