17 September 2011

Review: Handmade False Eyelashes from Bornprettystore

Bornprettystore has become a well-known online store this year. They sell nail art products, eye lashes, lenses, accessories and many more. Their assortment is getting larger and larger and I'm always curious what they will add next. Bornprettystore.com offered me a pair of handmade false eyelashes for review purposes. I've always wanted to try handmade fake eyelashes, so I was so happy that I was able to try these out. The brand name of the eyelashes is: 台湾亮金金精品假睫毛 (纯手工制作 M-4). Just to make sure that you won't get confused: these are NOT Princess Lee eyelashes!

Price (COUPON CODE), Where to buy? & Shipping time
You can buy the false eyelashes at bornprettystore.com and these are sold for $8.54 (including free shipping). Feel free to use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 7% OFF on your purchase at bornprettystore. Surprisingly it only took 7 days this time till it arrived at my place which is extremely fast since they are sending it from Asia.
It comes in a small carton box and there are 10 pair of handmade artifical false eyelashes in it ^^. I love the front of the carton box with a heart shape on it, it looks cute!
The false eyelashes are looking very natural. The quality of the eyelashes is ok. It's made of high quality fibre. These are definitely better than the 3 trees eyelashes that I reviewed before. These are softer and easier to bend compared to the 3 trees eyelashes.
Length & Weight
It felt very comfortable while I had it on and it wasn't heavy at all. The false eyelashes have a medium length, which means that it's not very short but also not very long (duh!). In the picture below you will get an idea of how long & thin the eyelashes are.

Uh ohw.. Camwhoring!
I just had to take a few scary pictures of myself to show you the lovely eyelashes haha ='D. Can you see my double eyelids? I normally have monolids (see right picture), but you can easily create double eyelids with false eyelashes! You just need to know how to stick the false eyelashes on the right place (no eyelid stickers are needed). The eyelashes are looking very natural right ^o^?!
I love the small gabs between the false eyelashes ^-^.
My opinion
I'm very positive in this blogpost because I'm really satisfied with these false eyelashes. It feels comfortable, the material is ok, the length is good and it looks very natural. I always prefer to wear natural eyelashes than the dramatic ones. The main reason is because it's more comfortable. Dramatic false eyelashes are usually heavier and longer.

The service of bornprettystore (including shipping time & communication) is very good as well. What I like about this website is their huge assortment. They have a lot of nail art and eye products which I love! All products are affordable there and it doesn't matter what and how much you buy, you will always have FREE SHIPPING ^___^! I will definitely place an order there again and I would love to try other false eyelashes that they are selling ^____^! Have you ever purchased anything from http://www.bornprettystore.com? If you're planning to place an order there, you mustn't forget to use my coupon code MDJ61 to get 10% OFF!
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