15 September 2011

Review: SXUC Burly Tortoise Sunglasses

It is still summer but too bad it doesn't really feel like summer in The Netherlands. Thankfully there were a few sunny days here. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for sunny days! Our eyes are precious so it's important to protect them from UV. Sunglassesshop.com has recently sent me a couple of sunglasses for review purposes. It's an online shop which sells a lot of sunglasses from well-known brands like Ray Ban, Prada, D&G, Oliver Peoples and more... The online shop offers a wider selection of sunglasses than local shops in The Netherlands. In this blogpost I'm going to review a pair of sunglasses of the brand SXUC.

The brand: SXUC
I'm not a person who would spend more than €100.- to buy a pair of sunglasses. Therefore I'm happy that the brand SXUC sells inexpensive but well-designed sunglasses in the market.

Price & Shipping
The SXUC Burly Tortoise sunglasses (with UV400 protection) are £12.00 at the online store,  sunglassesshop.com. (You can get 20% OFF when you "like" them on facebook). They sell different colors of the same model. They shipped the sunglasses from the United Kingdom and it arrived within a week in The Netherlands. Shipping within the UK is FREE.

I'm loving the design of these sunglasses ^^. I love the color mixture as well, it's red but it also has a leopard print on it. The sunglasses are comfortable and fits well. Also, this frame is available to order with prescription lenses.
My opinion
I'm very satisfied with the sunglasses, the design is great and it fits well. The website is easy to navigate, their assortment is large and the shipping is fast. It's even possible to order sunglasses with prescription lenses there ^^! However, it's a pity that the sunglasses didn't come with a case and a dust cloth =( that's probably the only downside that I can think of.

My question to you:
Do you like to wear sunglasses?
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