Happy Mooncake Festival - 中秋節快乐!

Happy mooncake festival everybody ^o^! Have you'll been eating mooncakes lately? Many people love to eat the mooncakes with eggs in it, but I prefer the ones without egg xD. I wish I was in Asia right now to celebrate it. This is such a huge festival in Asia. Two years ago I celebrated it in Hangzhou with a few friends. It's always so beautiful and crowded during this festival. I even had the chance to light my own sky lantern back then ='D. My friend (Weiyi, which you see in the video) and I did need a bit help from local Chinese people to release it xD. Do you see all the lanterns in the sky? It's so pretty ^___^, watch the short video below:

Starbucks & Haagen Dazs in Asia are selling different kinds of mooncakes during this festival. The design of the mooncakes are different every year and it has different kind of flavours as well. Starbucks is selling mooncakes with the flavours: Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Latte, Tiramisu and Green Tea Chocolate. Sounds yummy right ^o^?! I found these pictures below on the blog from Yvonne. Go to her blog to check out the lovely Starbucks mooncakes.

This is the Starbucks commercial, the music gives you a home feeling:

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