10 September 2011

Pump Dispenser for Nail Polish Remover

In this blogpost I would like to share this lovely beauty gadget with you girls. It's nothing new, but lots of people aren't using it yet. These are also sold at drugstores and at stores like Sephora and Zoya. However, these stores are selling it way too expensive then it is. Therefore it's better to buy these on Ebay. What am I talking about...? I'm talking about the useful pump dispensers. You can easily use this to store your nail polish remover or your face lotion. What's so great about pump dispensers? I will show it below ^___^ ..

I bought two pump dispensers for $2.50 (including free shipping) from Ebay seller: e-export. The products arrived within 10 days which is quite fast.

Height 4.4cm x 8.1cm. 

I never liked the openings of nail polish removers. I'm quite clumsy and have spilled nail polish remover countless times on the floor when tipping the bottle over onto my cotton pad. That's why I'm happy I bought these pump dispensers. You can easily twist the cap of the pump dispenser open and put some nail polish remover or face lotion in it.
The big pro of this dispenser is the pump/the opening. You only need one hand to get the product out, which is great when you're polishing your nails. You don't want to ruin the nail polish on your nails right? Just flip the cap open and put a cotton pad over the top, push it down twice and you will have enough product on your pad. I highly recommend this lovely gadget!
The only con of this gadget is that it leaks when you travel with it. There is a small opening at the cap (see picture below for a close up), so the product will come out when you shake it or when you travel with it. That's why I only recommend to use this at home. Tip: When you have more than one pump dispenser at home, don't forget to put labels on it!


  1. wat jammer dat hij lekt! Dat is best wel heel erg onhandig :O maar voor de rest lijkt hij me wel wat. :) Fijne review!

  2. oe, handig zo'n ding  :D. Mijn zusje heeft volgens mij ook zo'n ding, maar die kwam uit duitsland. Jammer dat hij lekt ;o

  3. Aw this is a great idea, thanks for sharing this and the eBay link ^^ I might consider buying them haha

  4. I like this.
    Wish I could find one for myself.

  5. WAHH! that's so cool! I love those pump dispensers! >___< Now I can get some~ YAY!

  6.  dnk dat ie ook wel te koop is in nl.. maar dan duurder >.<"

  7. I always want these especially after using the ones from Sephora :P It comes in so handy not need to pour the whole bottle upside down. Need to check these out from Ebay!


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