21 September 2011

Tuxedo nail art tutorial

I haven't posted a nail art tutorial for a while, so I'm going to post one today ^___^. In this blogpost I would like to share the tuxedo nail art tutorial. It's actually very easy to do, just follow the few steps below and I'm sure that you're capable to do this :D.
Step 1: Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2: Apply a white nail polish and let it dry.
Step 3: Use a black nail polish and create the two triangles on every nail. I used a black nail art pencil (which was quite hard to do), but you can also use nail art brushes to create the triangles.
Step 4: Apply two dots with a dotting pen or a toothpick and draw a cross above the two dots.
Step 5: Create the bow tie.
Step 6: Apply a top coat and you're done :).
What did I use for this tutorial..?
- Base & Top coat from HEMA, Dutch store
- Dear'Lee white nail polish
- Essence cool black nail art pen


  1. This is so cute! reminds me of tuxedo mask from sailormoon! haha

  2. Aaw wat een schatjes :D James bond ^^

  3. LOLLLL XD !!! Never would think about that hahah

  4. hahah, iemand anders zei ook al mini james bond ='D 

  5. Haha these are so cute! You're so creative when it comes to nail art designs ^^

  6. awww~ You have such wonderful ideas! This one is just uber cute ^^

  7. Oh these are just so cute ! I wonder if I bring in a picture of your nails and get the manicurist to copy as I have no talent for painting my own nails ! :-P

  8. THATS SO CUTE!! i actually love it with just the triangle tips too.

  9.  hahah, you can do that. but i'm sure that you're able to do it as well ^^


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