26 June 2011

Review: Three Trees False Eyelashes #1088

I bought many false eyelashes while I was in Shanghai, but I didn't have the time to review them. I only wear false eyelashes when I feel like it, so I don't wear them every day. There was a time that I wore it every day though, I was even addicted to wear them at first, but I'm too lazy for it now and I prefer to wear it on a special occasion more than on a regular day :). Today I'm going to review the #1088 false eyelashes of the brand Three Trees. It's a popular brand in Shanghai, you can buy it everywhere for 10 yuan (€1.-) per box. They come in a box of 10 pairs, not expensive at all right? I'm sure that it's also available on Ebay, so you can check there if you're interested. See picture below, (Yes, finally a camwhore picture lol, haven't done that for a while) I'm wearing the #1088 false eyelashes in this picture:
They always come in 10 pairs with 10 of the same eyelashes. You can see two different eye lashes in the box, but I just gave 5 pairs to my sister and added 5 pairs of #112 eyelashes into the box. I'm only going to review the #1088 eyelashes in this blogpost, so don't get confused ^___^. The box of the eyelashes looks like this, very simple:
See picture below for a close up. The eyelashes are made of soft plastic and you can definitely see that it's plastic when I blink. I actually don't like the material and they are extremely long as well. Thankfully it doesn't look that long when I have them on and that's probably because of my monolids hehe ^^. Besides, they are bendable which makes it easier to apply and to remove as well. I love how they look on me, it totally made my eyes prominent and brighter. Unfortunately it felt heavy when I had the eyelashes on and very uncomfortable =(, so I wouldn't purchase these eyelashes again.

My question to you:
Have you tried fake eyelashes before?

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