19 March 2012

Liquid-Filled Cotton Swabs, Eye Make Up Remover

This is probably my favorite beauty tool that I discovered this year ^^. I knew that these already excited in the beauty market, but I couldn't find it in The Netherlands. I did see these in drugstores while I was in Hong Kong, so I bought 10 packs there ^___^. These are liquid-filled cotton swabs which are used to remove eye make up. It's very useful when you're outside, when you don't have water near you and want to remove your make up. I always put it in my make up bag now-a-days. It's just so easy to use and effective! Read more in this blogpost ;).

These cotton swabs are for quick corrections and eye make up removal. There are 24 q-tips in one pack and are individually packed. Every cotton swab is filled with a pre-measured amount of gentle, skin conditioning solution to provide easy removal of eye make up. It's alcohol-free. The packaging is written in Japanese so i can't read the descriptions and ingredients =/.

Price and Where to buy?
I bought these at Sasa (cannot be found online) for 19 HKD. I've seen these at most of the drugstores in Hong Kong, so I think you can find it in most of the drugstores in Asia. I also found similar ones at Daiso but it was sold for 25 HKD there with only 10 cotton swabs in it (expensive!). You can also find similar ones at Sephora of the brand Bare Escentuals. Don't compare the price with normal cotton swabs, I know that you can buy a box of 100 cotton swabs for 19 HKD, but these are just more expensive because there is skin conditioning solution in it ;).
I just LOVE it that it's packed individually. It won't get dirty when you put it in your make up bag!

You can easily tear it open and get the cotton swab out of the packaging.
How to use
You can see liquid in the cotton swab. Watch where the blue stripe is on the Q-tip and bend it there, carefully, otherwise it will break. After you've bend it, the other side of your Q-tip will be wet. Use that end to remove your eye make up. When you're finished, you can use the other side of the Q-tip, which is dry. All cleaned up!
- 24 in one pack
- Inexpensive
- Individually packed
- It really works! Removes eye make up (even waterproof make up)
- Easy to use

- Need to be careful when you bend it, can break easily.
- Hard to get, Cannot be found online
- Can only use it once
- Japanese packaging only (can't read the ingredients)

I totally love it! I often use this when my make up is smudging. I usually just need to wipe the area two times with the cotton swab and it's all cleaned up. I also love it that it easily removes waterproof make up as well :). I'm definitely going to stock this up again when I'm in Asia ^^! Have you tried this before?
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