21 March 2012

Vivi JP magazine, April 2012 issue - mag scans

It took a while but the new VIVI jp magazine is out! Are you ready for Spring? In this issue you're going to see a lot of colorful clothing which is suitable for Spring! If you haven't checked the previous issue, you can easily CLICK HERE and enjoy the March 2012 mag scans :). Follow me on facebook, twitter and/or Bloglovin' if you don't want to miss out any Vivi magazines anymore!

April 2012 issue
As you can see, Ayumi Hamasaki is on this month's cover. She's one of the most famous singers in Japan. In this issue you can find an article about her. You will also notice a lot of clothing which is great for the upcoming season, like pastel clothing, cute trenchcoats and jean coats. Also, you will find some nice make up tutorials and new product releases. Wait no longer lar, just DOWNLOAD.

I've added a password to the zipfile. The password for this issue is: MDAYS
Useful Make up Tutorials:
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