30 April 2012

Review: Dr. Jart Silver Label BB Cream from Cosmetic Love

I found my favorite BB CREAM! A few weeks ago I reviewed the most moist water fuse BB cream (green label) from Dr. Jart+. I wasn't so pleased with that one though, but I wanted to try the silver label of Dr. Jart+ as well. There are some positive and negative reviews about this BB cream online. This made me so curious and I wanted to test it out myself. One thing which really made me wanted to try this BB cream was because of the great coverage. I've been looking for a BB cream which covers my freckles and which will make my skintone look more even. Thank you Cosmetic Love for sponsoring this product and for letting me try this awesome BB cream^^. It became MY FAVORITE BB CREAM AT THE MOMENT! In this blogpost you will also find some swatches and comparisons with the most moist water fuse BB cream.

This unique professional formula contains innovative active ingredients which perfectly expresses flawless skin while concealing blemishes and activating skin rejuvenation. It soothes red irritated skin while providing moisture and controlling excess sebum. It has whitening and SPF 35 / PA++ in it. One tube contains 50 ml of product. On their website it's stated that their BB creams are tested by dermatologists and they didn't use this on animals. This BB cream is suitable for people with an oily & sensitive skintype.

Price and where to buy?
You can buy the Dr. Jart+ Silver Label BB cream at Cosmetic Love: http://cosmetic-love.com/dr-jart-silver-label-rejuvenation-bb-cream-spf-35pa/. It's sold for $25.09 which is definitely the lowest price that I've seen online for this BB cream (it normally cost at least $30!). The price that they offer is totally worth it! The company is located in Korea, so that's why they can offer a low price to their customers. You can also buy it at their store on Ebay: Cosmetic Love Ebay Store, yes you can pay through Paypal too ^^!

Delivery time / Service
I'm very satisfied with the service of Cosmetic Love. The owner was very kind and the communication was great. I was amazed that the delivery time was so short, it only took a week or so until it arrived in The Netherlands. They ship WORLDWIDE and for FREE!

The packaging is silver colored. The description and ingredients are stated on the packaging and you can find the description on the tube as well.

The real version has a Dr. Jart sticker on the packaging (see below), so make sure to check that first before you open it!
I'm happy that it comes in a tube which makes it easy to get the BB cream out.

The BB cream is perfectly sealed which I like, this means that this product is really NEW!

A new packaging has been released in Korea recently!

Structure and Scent 

The structure of this BB cream is medium thick and the cream is scentless. The medium thick structure definitely ensures a great coverage. The structure and coverage actually makes me think of a concealer, but this BB cream will stay longer on your face than a regular concealer for sure! The Silver label BB cream is easy to spread on the face and not a lot of product is needed.

How to use
I prefer to apply this BB cream with my finger tips, but you can also use a brush if you want to. Just make sure that your hands or brush is/are clean before you apply the BB cream! Put a bit of BB cream on your fingers and pad it on your face to spread evenly. The color of the BB cream will adapt to your skin tone.

First of all, my skintone is between the NC15 and NC25! This BB cream has a gray undertone, which isn't noticeable on the face. See below for some swatches.
Most Moist Water Fuse BB cream (Green Label) | Silver Label BB cream Comparison 
As you can see below the green label is more sheer and it has more of an yellow/orange undertone.

You can definitely see that the BB cream matches my skintone. It was so hard for me to find a BB cream which matches with my skintone o.o I FINALLY FOUND IT OMG!!! Both BB creams have a matte finish, which I like.

My opinion
The Dr. Jart+ Silver Label became my favorite BB cream! I LOVEEEE THE COVERAGE! It covers freckles, pimples and it even outs my skintone. You really need to have this if you're looking for a BB cream with a lot of coverage. It doesn't look cakey on my face since I use it more as a concealer. People who have the green label as well, can use that to apply it on their whole face and use the silver label as a concealer. The BB cream stays great for at least 6 hours, you need to retouch a bit afterwards. I love it that it adapts to my own skintone and it seems to match with my skin type (combination dry) as well. It didn't dry out my skin which is a pro for sure! Totally LOVE this BB Cream and I'm going to purchase another one when I'm finished with this tube ^^.

I highly recommend this to people who is searching for a BB cream with great coverage!

I don't recommend this to people with perfect skin who don't need that much coverage. Besides, I would avoid this BB cream if I had a dehydrated skin.

Do check the website Cosmetic-Love.com out. Their assortment is large, the prices are low, they ship worldwide and FOR FREE ^^!
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