05 January 2013

Winner of the Lioele giveaway is ...

Thank you all so much for joining the giveaway. It was a pleasure working with Keautystore.com and I hope you've enjoyed this giveaway as well. I received more than 2100+ entries so it took a while to check them all. I noticed that some of you cheated a bit by filling in some random stuff. Y'll know that I disqualify those entries right?! Haha, so to the people who did that, please don't do that again in my next giveaway or just don't join. Anyways, lets talk about some happy stuff... I would like to congratulate one person and that person is ....? *drumrolls please*

Congratulations to:
Kim Pham!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will e-mail you within 5 days so make sure to check your inbox :). To the people who didn't win, feel free to check the assortment out on Keautystore.com. I will talk to you guys soon, stay pretty! x.
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