03 January 2013

Pixar Monsters Inc. Inspired Nail Art

Gotta love kids' movies! Despicable Me is my favorite movie from Universal Pictures, UP and Monsters, Inc. are my favorites from Pixar. These are adorable and funny movies which you won't forget. Today I've created a nail art which is inspired by Sulley - the fluffy monster from Monsters, Inc.. It's created with velvet flocking powder and it is the first time that I'm using these on my nails so I was very curious about it!

Velvet Flocking Powder 
Flocking powder nails has become a trend in the nail art world recently. In 2012, the studded nails and nails with micro beads aka caviar nails were very trendy. I think that more and more companies will be selling flocking powder in the market soon. Brands like Ciate and MUA Makeup Acadamy has it in their assortment already. I bought mine at Bornprettystore.com (link to the product), my favorite online shop who sells a lot of nail art products. They sell these in 14 colors and I purchased it in the color sky blue.

It cost $5.80 and you will get quite a lot of powder. Feel free to use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 10% OFF at checkout (purchase here).
How to use velvet flocking powder on your nails? 
Get everything ready: make sure to work below a piece of paper or a bowl, you don't want flocking powder all over ya. Also, you will need a small brush, like a fan brush and a tweezer.
1. Apply a base coat on each nail and let it dry.
2. Apply a nail polish which looks similar to the color of the velvet powder. Apply a thick layer on one nail first.
3. While it's still wet, mix your flocking powder with your tweezer to loosen it up, grab some with your tweezer and put some on your nail. Apply more if needed. Press the powder down on your nail a bit to make it even. DO NOT APPLY A TOP COAT!
5. Repeat step 3 and 4 on each nail.
6. When you've done all nails grab your fan brush and brush away the excess and you are done :).
7. The powder which fell on your piece of paper or bowl can be put in the container.
Velvet Nails - Inspired by Monsters Inc. , Monster nails
The velvet flocking powder lasted for 2 days on my nails. However, the powder did start to fall off at day 1. I love the texture of it, but it's a pity that it won't stay long on your nails.

Would you give this a try?
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