03 February 2013

Effective Body Care for Winter

It's still extremely cold outside while it's February already, can you believe it? Winter still holds a firm grip over most of Europe and forces us to dress in thick jackets and generally layer up. As we try to protect our body from the cold in order not to fall ill we also need to take precautions to protect our skin and to give it the chance to regenerate.

Warm showers and baths, massages and an occasional trip to the sauna are great ways to do your body some good, but our face needs a little more protection as it is one of the only parts exposed to the elements. Lotions, potions and blemish balms are readily available and all have smoothing and nutritious effects on our skin. The hype around Blemish balms (BB cream) have grown so much so that, vibrating applicators are also on the market.

This winter, blemish balm creams that are available on this page proved to be effective against stressed and reddened skin (and in all honesty, whose noses and checks aren’t reddened in winter?!). Their special texture helps to calm the skin and – this is the vital bit – also covers imperfections, just like a concealer. The combination of make-up and moisturizers is nothing but a lifesaver during the colder months. Thankfully with BB creams, they happen to be lightweight and don’t leave that unpleasant greasy feeling on the skin. That's why I love love loveee BB creams so much!

Unfortunately there isn’t any kind of miracle cream (yet) that can save all our beauty problems. Just as it might be important to take care about the appearance of your skin on the outside, looking into the right nutrition forms the very basis of skin care. A balanced nutrition is imperial for the whole body’s well-being. It is not like a night miracle cream but the results will show in time to give off a natural glow. We have all heard about it. The balance in healthy foods and consuming as much water as you possibly can to flush away the toxins. Sometimes it can be easier said than done to adhere to these rules, I often forget about it to be honest but it's actually the very basis to get a healthy looking skin. Put those unhealthy food aside and drink more water girls!

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